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  • Wealthy Canadians choose to carry mortgage debt

    Many high-net worth Canadians – those with investable assets of $500,000 or more – carry a mortgage as an investment strategy; despite 67 per cent of those polled having the cash available to pay them off in full, according to a recent Investors Group study.

  • New poll: What is the most important tool in your kit bag?

    CMP contacted a number of brokers across the country and asked which tools have helped them grow and manage their businesses this year. Now it's time to have your say and tell us which one has been the most key in contributing to your own.

  • Daily Market Update

    Could a housing crash actually be good news for homeowners?… Getting a mortgage is increasingly tough for self employed buyers… Younger buyers proving cautious about entering the market… And banks look to assess their risk to a housing crisis…

  • Veteran player establishes MIC

    Former Equity Financial Trust CEO Nick Kyprianou announced Thursday the establishment of RiverRock Mortgage Investment Corporation.

  • Brokers discuss refi strategies

    Talk turned to refinance strategies during Canadian Mortgage Hangout’s (#cmhTV) second anniversary Thursday and tactics for winning that very valuable segment of business.

  • Funny Friday: Office rules that would drive you bananas

    How do you feel about bananas? If you’re a fan, you might not want to work at a certain Australian public relations and marketing office.

  • Daily Market Update

    Vancouver is Canada’s most expensive city to live in, says worldwide poll… Hamilton feels the heat from the growing housing market… Interest rates set to stay low until autumn 2015 say economists… And US mortgage rates creep up as economy improves…

  • Bank denies mortgage life insurance claim

    Brokers should warn clients of the potential pitfalls of mortgage life insurance, following one big bank’s negative press surrounding a claim denial.

  • Network not for sale

    One broker network executive has dispelled the notion that his company is looking to sell “to the highest bidder” following a deal that saw an influential channel player make an equity investment.

  • How to recruit 'passive candidates'

    Beneath the surface of actively-searching job applicants lies a deep pool of talent that can help close the skill gap that exists in many organizations. But how to tap into this often-overlooked segment?