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  • BoC addresses big broker concern

    Brokers across the country can now exhale, with the Bank of Canada providing what could well be the best guess on what 2014 has in store for the industry.

  • CMHC to Brokers: Don't worry about 'risk fees'

    CMHC has now moved to reassure broker networks that new and controversial "risk fees" pose no threat to mortgage funding -- that despite growing fears.

  • Brokers to clients: Beware banks offering skip payments

    Many of Canada’s big banks offer clients the opportunity to skip payments on their mortgages. While this can work to their advantage, mortgage brokers are not big fans of strategy.

  • Call by rivals for CMHC to hike premiums: To what effect?

    Globe & Mail sources report that Genworth and Canada Guaranty are encouraging the Canadian government to raise CMHC premiums. What effect will this have on clients and the brokering industry as a whole? Not much, says one player.

  • Experts: Expect year-end rate drop

    As the year comes to a close’s expert panel is echoing the same sentiment it has held for the past two months: Rates will continue to drop.

  • Condos in Toronto making up for shortage?

    Brokers in Toronto may have cause for optimism as one new study suggests the city’s condo housing boom is making up for a shortage, rather than creating a surplus.

  • Source: REDX to cease recording AMP activity

    Teranet -- the people behind the REDX database -- will stop the controversial practice of recording brokers who drop the AMP designation, according to one network head, himself a victim of the policy.

  • Refi business drops 81 per cent

    While CMHC heralded its third quarter results Friday, it glossed over a whopping 81 per cent drop in refinances, leaving brokers to quantify the impact on their clients and their bottom lines.

  • CMHC: Claims down, profits up

    Claims and policies are down yet profits are up, as CMHC continues to prove that Finance Minister Flaherty’s tinkering may actually be having a positive effect on the Crown corporation’s bottom line.

  • Canada's largest producer leaves bank for brokerage

    Canada’s largest producing team in the banking channel has chosen to switch to the broker side by joining Mortgage Alliance.