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  • How to manage a disruptive broker

    Running your own business isn’t easy. It’s a job that often requires tact and the ability to suppress embarrassment. So what can be done when one of your team's personalities is affecting team morale and engagement?

  • Home sales remains relatively unchanged in February

    Home sales remained steady in February 2014 on a month-over-month basis according to the Canadian Real Estate Association’s latest stats released Monday.

  • Fixed vs. variable: The debate heats up

    A long-stalled overnight rate has had brokers embracing the variable-rate mortgage but will a new forecast from a major bank convince them that fixed is superior, once again?

  • Player explains MICs to public

    Brokers are increasingly turning to MICs to fund mortgages and one leading MIC provider recently explained this lending option to the public on a major news network.

  • Far Out Friday: Interviews that took a turn for the weird

    Interviews normally follow a standard procedure with the odd twist and turn thrown in, however for some candidates the twists can drive the process into bizarre territory.

  • Street Capital announces new rental program

    Increasingly, brokers are having difficulty securing mortgages for rental properties but one lender has added a new tool to the broker’s belt.

  • Broker's new mortgage site solves rate shopper problem

    Brokers often lament the rate shopper who flees at the eleventh hour and one leading broker may have solved that problem by charging a hefty cancellation fee as part of his new self-directed mortgage shopping site.

  • Mortgages for family members: Not as reliable as once thought?

    New brokers often count on family members to become their first clients but it may not be as reliable a tactic as once thought, according to one industry professional who offers advice on securing these important deals.

  • CMP's top independent brokers

    CMP is putting its finishing touches on its top independent brokers in Canada feature but before we close this chapter, we want to hear from our readers.

  • Broker extolls new model

    One broker is embracing a new model that he hopes will aid in retention and set him up for retirement; but is he forsaking the proud pillar of the industry: Independence?