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  • Brokers agree on payment plan

    Strangley enough, brokers are echoing the sentiments of a big bank and warning clients not to follow a recent trend.

  • Broker sticks up for Realtors

    More homebuyers may be choosing to privately sell their own homes but many brokers still believe Realtors provide a safeguard for potential home owners during the buying process.

  • Billionaire calls for three day work week

    One of the world's richest men is proposing a new work structure that would have people work longer, but take more time off throughout their lives. Would the structure work for mortgage brokering?

  • Daily Market Update

    Vancouver builders suffer a permit backlog… Dream homes in Nova Scotia could be the bargain you’re looking for… Neighborhoods without amenities bad news for residents… Toronto rents fall, for now… And Canmore sales surge as confidence returns to Alberta…

  • Will brokers follow the investors?

    In the face of increasing wait times for loan approvals and fearful of missing out on big deals, more investors are switching to the commercial side, opening up an opportunity for brokers to follow.

  • Brokers weigh in on issues facing lenders

    Hundreds of brokers across Canada have already participated in CMP’s Brokers on Lenders poll, airing concerns about lenders but also these key players.

  • Daily Market Update

    Vancouver residents desperate to keep hold of the city’s heritage homes… Calgary rental market proves tough for mom… Tough choices for those saving for a down payment… And why shipping containers have become the talk of the town…

  • True North no longer advertising on

    True North Mortgage announced in an official release Monday that it will no longer advertise its rates on

  • Poll results: Majority of brokers will avoid RateHub

    Mortgage brokers across Canada have spoken and the results are in: The vast majority of industry professionals say they will avoid using’s online services after finding out about the company’s plans to establish a brokerage that will directly compete for leads.

  • Fewer Canadians accelerate mortgage payments

    Record-low rates have contributed to a decrease in Canadians choosing to accelerate their mortgage payments, according to a CIBC poll released Monday, though the bank suggests taking the opportunity to take advantage and pay them down quicker.