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  • No need to rush home purchases, says brokerage has now released its take on the long-term viability of variable rate mortgages, suggesting they represent the safest harbour for first-time homebuyers looking to get into the market.

  • Experts: Mortgage rates will decline further

    The waning year has seen a rate rollercoaster as historically-low fixed rates shot up before descending once again; and the expert panel assembled by expects that slow descent to continue into the end of the year.

  • Public votes on brokerage's next national TV ad

    Mortgage Alliance asked the public to vote on the company’s next national television ad… and the results are in.

  • Brokers call for region-specific lending rules

    The general consensus among brokers is that government tinkering with lending rules is an unwanted annoyance; but do brokers in smaller markets have it worse than others?

  • ING announces new name

    The bank who left the broker channel following the buyout by ScotiaBank has recently announced a forthcoming name change.

  • Gift letters blowing the bubble?

    Parents in Toronto are funding their millennial kids’ first real estate purchases in record numbers, helping first-time buyers get a leg-up in an increasingly unaffordable market; and one well-respected industry voice believes the trend is contributing to the GTA’s oft-refuted housing bubble.

  • CMHC forecast: Atlantic Canada

    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) released its fourth quarter housing outlook last week and in part four of our four-part series we take a look at what the organization foresees for Atlantic Canada.

  • RBC's newest renewal ploy

    No, brokers, it isn’t all in your head: The banks are becoming more aggressive when it comes to chasing renewal business and all-new RBC’s Mortgage Renewal Information Centre is the best example of this strategy.

  • An opportunity to swoop in on banks' business?

    The banks are increasingly hot for renewal business, but one broker is pointing out a curious exception to that rule – one ripe with opportunity for brokers.

  • Invis-MI adds to salesforce

    Invis-Mortgage Intelligence has added two experienced mortgage professionals to its sales team, the company recently announced.