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  • Brokers lament lender wait times in wake of low rates

    The spring season has seen rates drop to record lows and while the trend has bolstered broker business, it has also caused a back-log of files at a number Canada’s lenders.

  • Appraisers fire back at brokers

    Real estate appraisers took to the comments section of to explain -- and defend – the appraisal process following critical comments from mortgage brokers.

  • Daily Market Update

    Joe Oliver says again that he is not concerned by hot market… How a local disaster can flatten the housing market for some time afterwards as reconstruction and memories are slow to fade. The modern dilemma, buy now or wait and risk being priced out... And the perils of owning on leased land…

  • Brokers: Banking double standard regarding wait times

    Brokers are frustrated by increasingly lengthy processing times when dealing with the banks – especially when those same banks expeditiously approve broker clients in-branch.

  • Far-out Friday: Homes purchased with bitcoin

    Two London homes are apparently being purchased with bitcoin, according to an MSNBC report.

  • Business etiquette: 10 golden rules

    Have you ever been in a business situation and witnessed an event that was so cringe-worthy, it left you saying "really?"

  • Daily Market Update

    The average household is slightly richer according to Stats Canada…. Why construction needs to be encouraged, for the good of the economy… seniors housing vacancies decline… and why your cottage may not be a great heirloom…

  • Brokers: CMHC refocus is misguided

    Brokers have had time to let the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) recently announced priority shift to sink in and while some laud the crown corporation’s efforts, others believe it should be addressing more pressing concerns.

  • Brokers on Lenders Survey early results

    Results for the seventh-annual Brokers on Lenders Survey have been flying in and it seems that many of the main gripes from previous years still prevail. However, brokers are airing new concerns as well. Hurry and have your say by clicking here.

  • Mortgage debt down across country

    Mortgage debt growth is shrinking, according to Statistics Canada, signalling more prudent lending may be creating a healthier lending industry.