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  • Bank to create more-powerful road reps

    It may be the single-biggest enticement for brokers to move back to the bank side, with one major lender promising to give mobile specialists more to sell than mortgages

  • Brokers helping train Realtors?

    Brokers need to be knowledgeable about financing if they ever hope to successfully close deals – but extending that knowledge to Realtors can go a long way to smoothing the application and approval process

  • Broker clarifies cancellation fee controversy

    The broker recently featured by a major paper for charging a cancellation fee is providing his side of the story – and offering more details on the file

  • What can brokers expect for the next few years?

    One big bank is providing a long-term rate forecast likely to send even the most ambivalent fence sitter into the home-buying market

  • Unexpected deal killers exposed

    The difference between a loan approval and a rejection may rest more on the experience of the broker and the underwriter than the credit rating of the client

  • Blogging for your business

    Brokers may be more comfortable writing loans than writing blogs, but the latter is increasingly key to generating organic leads off the web

  • Brokers call for increased awareness

    Brokers are calling on their associations to take their advertising to the small screen to challenge the interest big banks are creating

  • RBC provides industry outlook

    The biggest of the big banks has provided a housing forecast for the rest of the year – so what can brokers expect?

  • Struggling economy keeps niche lenders busy

    A growing segment of the population represents a boon in business for brokers as the economy continues to sputter

  • Broker balks at bank ad

    Big banks can keep their house calls, argue brokers who prefers to do business the more-efficient way