Latest news

  • Association goes to bat for lenders

    One national broker association is urging the government not to adopt investor caps, arguing that such changes would result in a loss of mortgage lending options for Canadians.

  • Broker clients priced out?

    Brokers in this one market may lament record-setting prices feared to price clients out of the market, especially considering what type of client is most affected.

  • Where is the market – boom or bust?

    Newspaper headlines thunder that housing prices are out of reach of average homebuyers, yet mortgage brokers’ bottom lines remain healthy – what is the true story?

  • Winning and losing luxury markets released

    The high-end residential real estate market saw divergent trends in the first half of 2015, according to Sotheby’s.

  • The current state of buydowns

    Record low rates are dramatically changing the nature and the frequency of broker buydowns, say industry players pointing to the bottom line.

  • Mortgage insurance reform proposed

    A leading think tank is proposing changes to the mortgage default insurance industry, including building a reserve fund – but at what cost to clients?

  • It is all about broker apps, not billboards

    Anyone with a smartphone has an app that they find invaluable; one Canadian company is designing apps specifically for mortgage brokers and real estate agents.

  • The best SEO in life may be free

    When clients type your name or firm into Google (or any search engine), what do they find? The answer to that question, and what happens next in the seconds following, can have a huge impact on your success as a mortgage broker.

  • Brokers call on national associations

    Whether it’s CAAMP or the recently launched CMBA, brokers are calling on national associations to go to bat for them with the big banks.

  • Renewed frustrations surrounding former grow-ops

    They’re in the news once again: Homes known to formerly house marijuana grow-ops are frustrating brokers and homeowners alike, and the latter has taken to for help.