Latest news

  • Land transfer tax updated

    Brokers in this one province better prepare clients for the higher taxes they soon may pay

  • A deeper look at condo volatility

    The condo picture in Canada’s hottest market is bright despite data that seems to point to the contrary; and one broker hopes this will help lead to more liberal lending for those types of properties

  • CMHC signals end of housing boom

    The good times couldn’t last forever and they’re about to come to an end, according to the CMHC – something likely to force brokers to focus on one specific area of business

  • Regulator offers reason for requirement

    FICOM is arguing its pending disclosure requirements will ensure mortgage advice isn’t compromised by broker interests – but brokers argue that oversight is unnecessary

  • Alberta brokers struggle

    Lenders are making it harder for clients to qualify for mortgages out West

  • We’ve hit bottom, says industry analyst

    Interest rates – and in particular mortgage rates – can’t go any lower, and the growth of lending has peaked or is close to peaking, says one industry analyst.

  • Details around commission disclosure revealed

    FICOM has come clean with its full intentions around commission disclosure but has yet to commit to an implementation date, pointing to the sensitive nature of the move

  • The campaign promise flying under brokers’ radar?

    Legalizing marijuana may be a top campaign promise for Dead Heads, but savvy brokers could take advantage should it pass

  • Broker: It’s time for CMHC reform

    The CMHC has outgrown its original intent, according to a number of industry players, and this professional argues it should focus less on profits

  • MICs thriving in a low-yield investment landscape

    With the continuing low yield environment, mortgage investment corporations have seen dramatic growth over the last couple years as investors search for return and capital preservation, says one mortgage investment analyst