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  • CFF saga continues

    The second suitor to CFF is expressing new determination to press ahead with its bid to acquire control of the bank and to take it public – that despite the approval Home Trust appears to have already won.

  • Bank benefits from monoline partnership

    One big bank credits outsourcing some of its originations process to a broker channel lender as the reason it can offer lightning-quick turnaround and strict credit verification

  • Brokers predict BoC rate

    With yet another Bank of Canada rate decision around the corner, brokers weigh in on what they think – and what they hope – the central bank will do

  • How are spring market predictions holding up?

    Three months ago, Genworth Canada’s CEO had this message for U.S. investors: the housing market sky in Canada isn’t falling. With summer winding down, has that message changed?

  • Canada job numbers for August hit

    The unemployment numbers are not only an indication of where Canada stands in terms of recession but also hint at next week's rate decision by the Bank of Canada.

  • Lenders using specials to win business from each other

    Brokers are increasingly frustrated by lender “live deal” specials – some calling those offers little more than unproductive poaching

  • Recession has upside … for brokers

    It may sound counterintuitive, but brokers are pointing to two key reasons why confirmation of a recession in the first half of 2015 will benefit them

  • Business-for-self segment too big to ignore

    Things can be tricky come time to secure mortgage financing for self-employed clients, but that segment represent almost one in five Canadians borrowers and unlimited potential for broker business

  • Do you pass the Google test?

    Business strategist Julie Broad says the way you show up – or don’t show up – in online searches could be hurting your business

  • Broker: Lender staffing issues leading to last-minute deal issues

    A former underwriter – and current broker – believes he knows why an increasing number of deals are falling apart at the last minute