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  • Lender: Brokers, be prepared

    The head of one leading lender believes brokers should prepare for even tighter lending guidelines.

  • Brokerage reflects on 25 years

    One mortgage company celebrated a quarter century in the industry at a recent gala event. From humble beginnings in the early 1990s, the company has not only grown, but thrived in a competitive market.

  • Broker sends warning to Ottawa

    The Canadian government is reportedly considering tougher mortgage rules, but brokers warn that they would negatively impact the industry’s most crucial client type.

  • Brokers frustrated by big bank rates

    Frustrations mount that the banks aren’t passing the entire savings onto their clients in the wake of another axed benchmark rate.

  • Lenders want the full picture on bruised credit

    No one likes to talk about how they wound up with a poor credit rating, but brokers need to break through the silence and get the full story, so that lenders aren’t left in the dark.

  • Monolines to cash in?

    Stingy – that’s how brokers may characterize the 10 bps drop by banks yesterday, and leaving the door open to monolines.

  • What to expect from banks when rates rise

    It may be the in the future, but brokers are looking at the inevitable rate hike and anticipating what the banks will do with their own rates at that time.

  • Are you helping or hurting your client?

    Mortgage loans for clients with bruised credit happen every day – but the industry as a whole needs to ensure those loans are improving fiscal responsibility, and not sinking the client deeper in debt, says one alt lender.

  • Blending brokerages

    It could make a mess, but merging two small brokerages may also make the most of a mediocre market.

  • Home sales set new record

    The latest figures from CREA show that the rise in home sales depends on the local market.