5 easy steps to attracting more and better clients

5 easy steps to attracting more and better clients

5 easy steps to attracting more and better clients

Step 4: Employ high impact prospecting tactics

You can’t acquire a client until you have lead. Prospecting is not just about generating the most leads possible, it’s also about quality.

There is no single method or combination of prospecting tactics ideal for all professionals; many top professionals employ one or more of the following tactics:

Tapping their personal network – Letting family, friends and acquaintances know about what you do and types of value that you’re providing for clients and asking for referrals and introductions.

Warm email prospecting – Sending personalised emails with a customised message using your bait piece to draw them to you.

Networking – Joining organization of their target niche markets, offer to send prospective prospects and clients your free special report.

Website – Create a website that can be used to get prospects to request your free special report and to opt into your mailing list so that you can continue to build a relationship with them.

Step 5: Automate Your Follow up Process

It can take some time before a prospect is converted to client. You need to stay on their radar screen and remind them of your value using a variety of methods.

It’s easy to get busy servicing existing clients and forget to follow up with prospective clients who’ve shown an interest in your services but are not simply ready to do business with you.

You can automate your follow up process to allow you to send additional communications such as newsletters, and follow up email messages in a timely manner.


It may appear building a marketing system is complex, but it really isn’t. In fact if you work to implement one of these steps each week, in as little as 3-4 weeks you can have a marketing system in place that’s probably doing a lot more for you than what you have currently.
The marketing process that I’ve outlined works very well for many top professionals and I truly think that it will work well for you too.

About the Author
A successful sales professional in the financial services arenas; Clifton is the principal of Corporate Eye Consulting. Clifton helps professionals to target and attract more and better clients with less effort.

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