10 workplace trends to expect in 2015

10 workplace trends to expect in 2015

10 workplace trends to expect in 2015

Work is increasingly personal

Work-life balance is a phrase with which most will already be familiar, and the New Year will see employees continuing with their attempts to maintain a satisfactory balance between the two. It is also predicted that workers will continue to want to see the value of their work.

Workplace culture

Cultural fit and character are emerging as the top employer considerations when assessing candidates for a role, with many employers adopting the “hire character, train skill” approach. The importance of cultural fit is one of the results of today’s multi-generational workforce. Employers are facing the challenge of ensuring that there is an alignment amongst employees on the values and vision of the organization.

“You can determine whether a candidate will fit into the company culture by asking questions during the interview that are character driven rather than skill driven,” Louden added. “Rather than “tell me about a project you worked on,” try “what did you do when a project didn’t go well?” – this will give an insight into character as well as competence.”

According to Louden, 2015 will be about hiring for character, not skills. By showing existing employees that you are considering who they will be working with, it shows them that they are valued.

“Try to connect to people on non-work related issues,” she also advised. “Take time to understand them – what’s important to them? Candidates will value this.”

Talent development key to retention

With corporate loyalty a thing of the past, employers are increasing talent development opportunities. Although development programs were previously reserved for those at the top of the corporate pyramid, career development programs, alongside skill workshops, are becoming increasingly accessible to every level of the corporate hierarchy.

“Employers need to try and ensure that they have a dynamic and open work environment, particularly for millennials and young people who want change,” said Loudon. “If employers can create a dynamic workplace where people can rotate within roles and have opportunities to work on different projects, it shows employees that the organization supports them and their goals.”

She added that it is important to recognize that the best talent will not want to be locked into roles for years – and preventing them from leaving can stop more top talent from entering the company.

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  • @kiltedbroker 2015-01-16 2:13:04 PM
    Re: Casual Wear.

    While I was exploring different employment opportunities a while back, I had an interview with a mortgage lender. At the start of the interview I made this statement "I want you to know that if you offer this position to me, I don't own a single pair of pants, nor will I ever." She just laughed.

    How's that for casual?

    However more to the point, I think this list is pretty solid and highlights the fact that workers are looking for flexibility in the workplace and if they don't find a good fit, they aren't sticking around.
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  • Scott Dawson 2015-01-17 4:56:11 PM
    Kilts are for closers.
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