35. Drew Donaldson, Verico SafeBridge Financial Group

35. Drew Donaldson, Verico SafeBridge Financial Group

Company: Verico SafeBridge Financial Group
Location: Ontario
Total volume: $81.90 million
Loans funded: 115

CMP: What can lenders do to help brokers achieve even higher volume?
Drew Donaldson:
Greater availability of better-priced one- to four-year terms and more access to rental, stated income, conventional pricing and mortgages above $1 million. More HELOC offerings, combined with a first mortgage, are also desperately needed in this channel.

CMP: What are the biggest challenges facing the industry?
Rising interest rates, fewer niche programs, the next recession – always ‘when,’ not ‘if’ one will occur – and more government regulation: I see all these as challenges. Having said that, this industry is resilient, and I have high hopes for the future based on the current people involved and the innovation that will take place.

FSCO license: M08001017

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