InFocus: The Future of Mortgage Technology

No longer a novelty, apps make business sense

No longer a novelty, apps make business sense

Apps may be “cool” or “neat” for many, but brokers should realize that there are apps that can save money and time – and allow them to gain an edge on the big banks.
Ben Salami, the founder of the Canadian Mortgage App and CEO of Bendigi Technologies, explains how the number one ranking app with more than seven million screen views and over 3,000 five stars should be standard equipment in a broker’s or realtor’s kit bag.
Apple and Google both rank the Canadian Mortgage App (CMA) consistently in the Top 25 Free Business Apps, as the free CMA saves you money and time by offering an accurate, comprehensive and easy to use mobile app to help you estimate realistic monthly homeownership costs.
The app includes all essential calculations, showing all payment frequencies in real time, including CMHC, amortization charts and an interactive graph, delivering these calculations with the speed that today’s customer expects.
Then there are the individual rebates, fees and taxes that brokers need to be aware of – which can be difficult for those who have clients across the country.
In selected cities and provinces, a first-time home buyer is entitled to receive rebates that are deducted from the mandatory Land Transfer Fee. All you have to do is just turn on a switch and find out how much rebate you’ll receive. It is the only available mortgage app that calculates every provincial and municipal land transfer or welcome tax in Canada.
We’ve consolidated over 65 different rules and algorithms to make this happen.
It offers users a network of professionals located right in their neighbourhood. In addition, local experts can sponsor the app and receive unlimited views, clicks, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, website and referrals.
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The Canadian Mortgage App has been trusted by over 200,000 Canadians for accurate and reliable home ownership estimations. The Canadian Mortgage App also connects home buyers with professionals in their area using their location aware local expert listing.