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Land transfer tax headaches? There’s an app for that

Land transfer tax headaches? There’s an app for that

While the calculations may come easy sitting in front of a computer, it is a different matter when conducting business away from the office or on the go – but there is a solution on the horizon.
“You are going to have a number of municipalities in Ontario who will be putting a land transfer tax in place, and there may be different numbers and different ways of calculating that, although so far I have only seen all the examples follow the Toronto MLTT,” says Ben Salami the founder of the Canadian Mortgage App and CEO of Bendigi Technologies. “It will require a lot of research and a lot of work on our part – but we already have started the design process.”
Building an app to calculate the land transfer tax won’t be new grounds for Salami, as he and his team have already had to do it for another province with individual municipal taxes.
“We did that for Nova Scotia, as every county has their own regulations – 40 or 50 – but that was relatively easy because it’s percentage based,” he says. “Ontario has over 400 municipalities and it’ll be interesting to see how it’s going to play out on the Canadian Mortgage App.”
Founded in 2013, Bendigi currently operates over 50 apps for businesses of all sizes in the mortgage, real estate and insurance sectors.
With the jump in home buying from millennials, a broker app isn’t just a novelty, but a necessity to conduct business, with a generation that has grown up with a smartphone in their hand.
“Ideally, brokers and brokerages should have their own mobile apps to empower to their clients, build customer loyalty and offer them transparency and convenience.” says Salami. “That’s where we come in – a team dedicated to build native apps for the Mortgage industry.”
Bendigi has created premium apps for notable brokers such as Ron Butler, James Loewen and Collin Bruce as well as brokerages such as Mortgage Alliance Canada.
“The majority of the traffic and new business coming today is being driven by millennials and about 62% of millennials are using mobile devices to access the Internet” says Salami. “And those are the new home buyers.”

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