ROYALFLEX LINE OF CREDIT—Putting your clients’ home equity to work

by Royal Canadian Mortgage

ROYALFLEX LINE OF CREDIT—Putting your clients’ home equity to work

Attention all brokers: If your clients are seeking flexibility when financing their home, as opposed to seeking a fixed term or amount, Royal Canadian MIC presents you with ROYALFLEX.

ROYALFLEX allows your client to have a line of credit, either in first or second position, up to 80% LTV.

You now have options! A client can pursue a one-year, interest-only term or consider ROYALFLEX LOC. Think about the clients that need cash flow on a project, have a short-term bill to pay, or simply don’t wish to be locked in for a full year. If this is the case, offer them ROYALFLEX.

Why choose us? We offer commitment letters within a 24-hour period; however, we usually provide them same-day. We want your business. Our BDM’s will work tirelessly, along with our underwriting department, to find the best product for your client. We are problem solvers, not problem creators.  Our legal team works closely with Royal Canadian MIC to ensure minimal delays on your file.

Many of you have established relationships with other lenders. We understand and appreciate this. However, no lender will beat our BDM’s in service and speed. This, along with our creative products and competitive rates, should make us your number one choice. Simple call one of our BDM’s and ask: Why Royal Canadian MIC? You won’t be disappointed.