InContact & Newton announce new Nexa/Client Manager CRM 2.0

by Newton

InContact & Newton announce new Nexa/Client Manager CRM 2.0

InContact and Newton are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement by which Newton has been contracted to provide an updated replacement solution to current Nexa and Client Manager subscribers called Velocity CRM effective April 1, 2021.

It will be business as usual for all subscribers until April 1. Newton and InContact are working closely over the coming months to ensure that the transfer of client communication campaigns over to the new solution will be as simple and smooth as possible for subscribers.

“Digital, customer-centric tools that help make decisions easier and lives better are more important than ever,” said Clinton Wong, Vice President, Mortgage Creditor Insurance, Manulife. “Supporting brokers with a personalized CRM tool that manages everything from contact databases to social media is important for the thousands of brokers who use Nexa, and we’re happy to see that continue with InContact and Newton.”

“We are excited that Newton was selected by inContact and Manulife to work with their thousands of mortgage industry subscribers to develop and launch a fresh, updated replacement client communication platform,” said Geoff Willis, Newton President & CEO. “It will continue to deliver the benefits that subscribers have come to expect from Nexa and Client Manager, and we plan to deliver some new ones in our integrated Velocity CRM.”

Many of the current InContact customers are mortgage brokers and agents within the DLC Group, where the CRM has been the go-to network solution for over ten years.

“We have worked with Manulife for more than a decade, both on the insurance side and with their CRM product, Nexa. We are thrilled that Newton-Velocity has been chosen as their partner to support the thousands of brokers who continue to use their platform as their integrated CRM. We can’t wait to reveal the next generation of this exciting product that integrates with submissions, funding, payroll, compliance, social media, SMS and two-way database integration,” Gary Mauris, DLC Group CEO, said of the deal.

There will be further direct communication from InContact to current subscribers starting in December. The Newton Customer Care team is available to answer any questions concerning onboarding onto Velocity in advance of the CRM launch. The team can be reached at [email protected] or toll free at 1-877-626-2022.