Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team surpasses 1 billion $ in funding

by Mortgage Approvals Ottawa

Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team surpasses 1 billion $ in funding

The Mortgage Approvals Ottawa Team was launched in 2016 in a prominent real estate office and started with 16 agents, all from different backgrounds and skillsets. They build a reputation of taking in agents with no experience and making them into leaders in the industry.

As of this writing, they're 40 agents strong and have funded over 1 Billion dollars in mortgages. The network of agents comprises young men and women that believe in systematic growth—a rare occurrence in a competitive industry.

As you walk through their charming halls in their center town office in Ottawa, the environment boasts of positivity. Agents are helping agents grow. New agents come in to learn from experienced agents and top producers. Training sessions from top producers are presented weekly while lenders drop by (on zoom in today's circumstances) to teach and promote their lending guidelines.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent service as we navigate them through their mortgage experiences. As brokers, we have to read lender policy and joggle through many guidelines to fit the client with the right one.” says Rami El-Beaino, Managing partner

MAOT offers their team the platform to quickly find those guidelines and learn. Team members have access to their manager for any questions or deals in the pipeline that require another pair of eyes.

“What makes us truly unique is that we deeply care about our team because we know that our people are our greatest asset. The team preaches a family environment, and it’s not hard to fit in if you’re a new agent. If you have the motivation to learn, you’ll succeed on this team. We have good conversation, and good conversation leads to great teamwork.” Adil Rahman, Managing partner

Our longstanding dedication to the well-being of our clients and our continuous development of mortgage industry expertise has allowed MOAT to grow to where we are today.   

But perhaps most importantly, it is our hardworking team that is our driving force.

Diversity; we're all different in some ways...