Mortgage Alliance braces for an influx of leads with the new pre-qualification tool

by Mortgage Alliance

Mortgage Alliance braces for an influx of leads with the new pre-qualification tool

February 6, 2018 (Toronto) - Mortgage Alliance deploys M3 Mortgage Group’s state of the art prequalification tool on its key partner site, Comfree, in one of the most powerful lead generation efforts in the industry. Only 72 hours since the tool has been live and the influx of leads continues to surpass expectations.

The tool allows customers to obtain an instant online prequalification using the guidelines from many different lenders. In a matter of minutes, the tool collects the required customer information, authenticates them, and provides them with their credit score for free without impacting their credit rating. What’s more, the tool provides customers with a prequalification certificate showing their maximum mortgage amount.

Customers then receive a follow-up call/email from a Mortgage Alliance professional to help answer any questions, hold a rate, or finalize a mortgage application. This intuitive program is designed to help streamline the home buying process for customers with a simple, straightforward & accessible tool.

All leads generated are assigned to Mortgage Alliance professionals and will appear in their MortgageBOSS system along with the customer information collected. The system will also indicate the list of lenders that would accept the deal, and the maximum mortgage amount the customer qualifies for based on a comprehensive & proprietary business rules engine.

The initial launch of the prequalification tool on Comfree’s website is the first phase of several planned deployments in 2018. We are excited that the new tool will give brokers the opportunity to reach more customers, grow more revenue, and ultimately generate more success.