How mortgage brokers can earn big with Loans Canada

by Loans Canada

How mortgage brokers can earn big with Loans Canada

How mortgage brokers can earn big with Loans Canada

Loans Canada has been helping mortgage brokers find qualified homeowner leads since 2012, when the company launched as Canada’s first loan comparison and search platform. Over the last 8 years, Loans Canada has developed seamless integrations with dozens of lenders, brokers, credit counsellors and other credit service providers. Today, Loans Canada is used by millions of Canadians every year to research lenders, learn about personal finance and to apply for financial services.

Loans Canada offers Canadians free credit education resources, including guides, videos, reviews, articles, and Canada’s only lender comparison database that allows users to compare providers, leave reviews and make smarter financial decisions. As such, Loans Canada has the largest web presence in its space. The majority of the traffic Loans Canada receives is organic, and so they are able to offer the highest quality opportunities in the country. In other words, instead of focusing its efforts on misleading social media or email campaigns that often result in poor conversions, Loans Canada focuses on producing quality content to acquire high-quality organic traffic and high-intent customers.

Loans Canada’s History In The Mortgage Industry

Loans Canada has a long history in the mortgage industry, one that actually began earlier than 2012, when the company’s founder, Scott Satov, launched an online mortgage brokerage named Mortgages Canada. Mortgages Canada’s story began in 2010, with the goal to make it easier for Canadians to find financing for their homes online. The company pivoted in 2012 and relaunched under a new brand, Loans Canada, and was first-to-market as Canada’s online loan comparison platform.

Why is this important? Well, with its roots in Mortgages Canada, Loans Canada has experience working with mortgage specialists and understands many of the pain points that mortgage brokers feel. Loans Canada understands that trustworthy lead providers are difficult to find, and long-term relationships are key. Loans Canada offers full coverage across Canada (including Quebec, with its Prets Quebec brand) and specializes in mortgage refinancing applications.

Loans Canada Offers Two Types Of Programs To Help Brokers:

1. Real-Time Lead Generation

Users visit Loans Canada to apply for loans, mortgages, second mortgages and other refinancing products. Brokers are able to filter their leads by location or by financial metrics to ensure the leads they receive best match their business needs. Quality leads are delivered to in real-time, and they can be delivered by email, CSV, or by API. Typically, custom integrations take only 24-48 hours to launch.

To learn more about Loans Canada’s lead generation services, visit Loans Canada’s Partnerships page.

2. Helping Mortgage Brokers Expand Their Product Offerings

In 2019, Loans Canada launched its affiliate program to help other businesses better monetize their web traffic and offset their marketing costs. Now anyone can leverage Loans Canada’s extensive suite of services and offer them to their own customers.

Loans Canada’s affiliate program is an excellent tool for mortgage brokers, as it provides a seamless way for brokers to monetize declined applications or expand their product set.

These are some of the program’s details:

  • Instant commission reporting on the majority of referrals
  • Your own co-branded tracking link
  • iFrame Integrations and API Integrations
  • minimum 70% commission share
  • full transparency with postbacks and portal access
  • NET 30 commission payouts

To learn more about Loans Canada’s affiliate program, check out this article.

A Case Study: Lendmore Financial

Loans Canada has been working with Lendmore Financial for over 6 years, sending targeted mortgage applications in real-time. More recently, Lendmore Financial has employed Loans Canada’s affiliate program by placing its iFrame Widget on their website. This has allowed Lendmore Financial to effortlessly reduce their lead cost and open up their budget to invest more into marketing while simultaneously growing their business.

"As Mortgage Brokers we are in the business of providing well rounded quality service to our clients in most or all aspects of their financing needs.  Loans Canada has enabled us over the years to broaden and strengthen our value add to our clients by way of affiliate programs that enable us to offer a full range and suite of services that help to ensure the financial wellness of our clients." Dave Johnson, Lendmore Financial.

Leverage Your Existing Marketing Channels To Increase Revenue And Offset Costs

Take advantage of Loans Canada’s complimentary product suite and help your customers while growing your business at the same time. Increase your qualified customer base by helping your customers build credit or get out of debt faster. Use Loans Canada’s affiliate program to lower your marketing costs, or talk to Loans Canada about their lead generation services to find new customers.

Visit Loans Canada for more information.


Note: Loans Canada is not a mortgage broker and does not arrange mortgages, Loans Canada is a financial services comparison and referral website.