Network launches instant pre-qualification tool

by CLC

Network launches instant pre-qualification tool

Toronto, June 16, 2020 – The CLC Network has officially launched an instant mortgage pre-qualification tool available to all brokers and agents within the organization.

As customer needs continue to evolve, so does the CLC Network in providing resources for brokers to meet their requirements. In an ever-changing landscape, moving towards digital solutions designed around brokers delivering an exceptional customer experience, the CLC Network is pleased to introduce an instant pre-qualification tool for their agents.

This tool takes customers through a dynamic series of questions customized to each individual client. The seamless interface and proprietary algorithm will then immediately deliver the client and referral source with a pre-qualification amount. The mortgage agent will get this same assessment along with a full application directly into their deal management software, ALFRED, to begin processing the client's file.

“Currently we are providing pre-qualifications at 99% accuracy,” said Kendall Marin, Managing Partner, CLC Network. “This tool has allowed us to compete with larger banks and push the broker industry into the forefront,” Mr. Marin continued. During the three month test period, CLC Network mortgage brokers and agents ran over 1,300 files through the system with great success.

This tool is not just for the customer and agent as described by Shubha Dasgupta, “our mortgage agents can provide these unique links back to realtors and other referral partners who get immediate value. They can discover what their client is qualified for in seconds which ensures they are properly servicing and vetting their customers’ needs”.

Christa Mitchell added by saying, ”It’s incredible to provide a tool we know delivers such a high value. By building purposeful tools we are really focused on ensuring we do our part to drive our industry forward.”

The CLC Network equips brokers and agents with new tools and platforms so they are set up for success. The new instant mortgage qualification tool will enable them to service their clients quickly and efficiently, keeping them at the forefront of technological advancement in the mortgage industry.