Network helps rebuild community beyond CO-VID

by CLC

Network helps rebuild community beyond CO-VID


Toronto, June 23, 2020 – The CLC Network is honoured to roll out a 2020 support initiative designed towards helping local communities grow and restabilize into the new normal, beyond CO-VID.

There will be two campaigns targeted to supporting Canadian home owners and business owners in communities supported by CLC Network agents and brokerages.

The first is a community business support campaign in which the CLC Network is working with 20 small business owners all across Ontario to provide them a boost in awareness and business revenue. CLC Network’s central marketing team will be building out a digital marketing strategy and running a paid advertising campaign targeting that businesses’ specific demographic. The goal is to build back awareness and drive potential customers in their direction. The CLC Network will also be giving away products and services for each business to their agents' customer base in support of re-invigorating our local economies.

Second, the CLC Network will focus on supporting some of the many Canadians that have incurred mortgage deferrals due to job loss or illness. The CLC Network has started with a $10,000 fund focused on providing assistance in paying off additional interest costs or even the entire deferral itself.

“The current pandemic is something we have never seen before in our lifetime and it’s our responsibility to ensure that we all do our part in building back up Canadians,” said Shubha Dasgupta, CEO of the CLC Network. “We want our customers, agents and communities to know that if we lift each other, none of us fall and that this is a mandate of this organization.”

Small business is the backbone of many communities and the CLC Network’s upcoming initiatives are not only designed to support local businesses, but to also encourage all members of these communities to do the same.