CLC unveils new mortgage system

by CLC

CLC unveils new mortgage system

The Capital Lending Centre Network is excited to unveil our new “ALFRED” mortgage management system. ALFRED, was built from the heart, because we care. Designed to power all aspects of a mortgage agent’s business, ALFRED provides our agents  affiliates, brokers and team leaders real time visibility, insight and transparency into their deals and business.

ALFRED is a pioneer in the field of management with a primary focus of bringing value to a mortgage agent’s business while increasing and streamlining efficiencies for broker owners and team leaders. . The system was built mobile first allowing participants to have their business in the palm of their hand all the while providing a powerful and robust desktop version.

Starting from the deal and building outwards, ALFRED was designed in a unique way ensuring all aspects of the sales and business lifecycle have the attention they deserve. Connectivity to our centralized underwriting service offers agents real time visibility and insight into their deals. Status updates, conditions, and documents are made visible at the palm of the agent’s hand while an organization wide internal communication platform is seamlessly integrated to provide a consistent experience and accountability to reduce error. A system generated timeline shows agents and support staff the precise progress of the transaction, which include deal data, underwriting progress and client communications, such as calls and emails, all gathered in a centralized system allowing better decision making and creating a unison for all stakeholders. Allowing agents the ability to track and monitor the progress of their files has created a seamless customer experience for both the referral partner and client which has created internal and external efficiencies that have resulted in cost reduction and increased revenues. “We focused heavily on bridging the gap faced by agents when submitting files to a centralized underwriting hub, offering them insight holds us accountable and allows for a more seamless customer experience,” says President Shubha Dasgupta.

Automation has allowed the system to deliver real time notifications to multiple parties in the transaction ensuring that all parties are kept apprised of the status of their files dependant on their roles within the transaction.. The system connects and manages referral partners, clients and lawyers creating an exceptional closing experience. Additionally the system solidifies and strengthens our relationships with Buyer and listing agents with the focus of growing and compounding our agent’s business.

Shubha Dasgupta explains CLC’s new system: “By starting on the deal we were able to focus on what matters most to agents. We have created a real time underwriting system that connects agents to support staff and provides clear insight into the status of their file while powering automation that compounds and accelerates our agents’ business”.

The system is also designed to generate and secure leads. The sophisticated prospecting journey of taking potential clients and referral partners through a series of automated triggers empowers our agents to make connections and create and secure business from leads. Through automation we are seeing a rapid and precipitous growth in mortgage agent business resulting in accelerated growth for our agents’ business

With a focus of cementing our relationship with clients for the long term the system ensures the mortgage agent is the point of contact for the client while establishing networks with referral sources/partners that are responsive to secure all parts of the relational aspect of an agent’s business.

ALFRED is truly a system built with the long term vision of providing mortgage agents and brokers tool that allows them to focus on revenue generating activities through relationship development and planning.