CLC Network welcomes The Mortgage Coach

by CLC

CLC Network welcomes The Mortgage Coach


Toronto, May 25, 2020 – The CLC Network, continues to grow by announcing that they have officially welcomed The Mortgage Coach to the CLC family.

The Mortgage Coach is built on a foundation of collaboration, agent support, team culture and training.  They continually view their business from the perspective of their agents' and are committed to evolve with industry changes and agent needs. Registered in January of 2019, partners; Meaghan Hastings and Kevin Boucher currently have built offices in Toronto, Newmarket, North Bay, Orillia, Georgina and Burlington with 42 agents and growing.

We asked Meaghan what brought her team to the CLC Network, “We were initially introduced to the CLC Network because of the systems and technology that they had in place. While going through the process of learning about their systems, technology and training, it became very clear that we shared similar core values and ethics.” 

Kevin Boucher added, “what cinched it for us was Kendall, Christa and Shubha's obvious growth mindset, their dedication to change - not just for the sake of change, but to improve the mortgage industry as a whole. The fact that they are good humans, dedicated to betterment of the world around them.”

Training has always been at the forefront of the CLC Network by centrally providing over 50 hours of organized training per month. “Training for us begins on day 1 through our digital onboard which introduces you to the company, its tools and how everything can be applied into your business,” said Shubha Dasgupta. “This is continued bby a formal 16 session new agent program, and 8 session elite agent program, weekly sales and marketing, department updates, a professional sales coach and finally “knowledge”, the largest online resource guide for mortgage, sales and business information available in the industry today” 

Meaghan continued by saying, “The 'norm' in the industry right now, is that brokerages don't provide training or support to new agents entering the industry. Our goal is to change this belief and common practice.  We have a responsibility as broker owners to provide education, support and mentorship to agents we hire - to take a vested interest in their success and to be an active participant in our agents' growth and development.”  

“There is no better place for agents looking to take their career to the next level through training and education,” said Christa Mitchell. “We take mortgage agents' careers seriously and know that training is an integral part in the equation,” added Kendall Marin.