CLC Network welcomes iBridge Capital

by CLC

CLC Network welcomes iBridge Capital


Toronto, June 29, 2020 – The CLC Network continues to grow by announcing the official welcoming of iBridge Capital to the CLC family.

iBridge Capital was founded by Didar Sehra and Pankaj Sharma to help fill the void mortgage agents and brokers find in residential and commercial alternative lending.

Prior to starting iBridge Capital, Didar and Pankaj worked successfully together for years when they recognized more needed to be done.

The CLC Network was fortunate to speak with Pankaj and gain some insight into what he hoped to achieve and how this move can help, “iBridge Capital highly promotes and invests into personal growth amongst the agents and team because we strongly believe that all results are achievable when we invest towards internal growth.” 

The CLC Network is built upon a foundation of support and investment into a mortgage agent's career. One such pillar is their industry-leading Underwriting Centre that processes over 60% of the total network volume. “Our alignment of core values and commitment to our agents, clients and partners is the reason why iBridge decided to partner with the CLC Network,” Pankaj continued.

Many in our industry understand the value and importance of the right support and CLC bleeds this belief to ensure that “people before profit” lives as a mantra.

“We have proven that an investment back into our agents and industry is the only way to increase Broker market share and move that needle,” said Shubha Dasgupta. “Yes, it impacts our bottom line but it’s the right thing to do. Without this level of commitment to the success of our brokerages and their agents we will never evolve beyond the status quo,” he continued.

From client consultation, file assessment, approvals, docs collection and conditional fulfilment, the underwriting department at CLC can remove so much time from a mortgage agent day to day. They will manage everything down to compliance and payroll. “This is only possible because of the incredible transparency that the ALFRED system provides, knowing exactly what’s happening and what’s being said every step of the way,” said Christa Mitchell, Managing Partner at The CLC Network. 

Pankaj continued by saying, “We encourage team culture among our agents and promote radical transparency to help establish a strong communication network.” We highly encourage and help them to find their WHY behind choosing mortgages as a career and assist them in doing so,”. 

The CLC Network is on a journey to build a community of mortgage professionals who embody 'People Over Numbers' and strive to help every human coming their way with the same level of transparency and integrity. Together with iBridge Capital, the CLC Network is looking to grow and bring like-minded mortgage professionals in this network and thrive everyday to provide value to them.