CLC Network launched specialized reporting

by CLC

CLC Network launched specialized reporting

Toronto, July 27, 2020 – The CLC Network is pleased to announce the official launch of its specialized reporting and data analytics programs available for all CLC Network Mortgage Agents.

The power of data is an invaluable asset in providing customer experience in the world today. Globally, the largest companies have all found ways to harness the power of data and ensure they are delivering maximum value for their customers. The CLC Network is doing just that for their broker-owners, agents and their customers.

By launching its data analytics program, the CLC Network can use the power of the information anonymously, in determining cost-saving and other potential opportunities to its customers. Over the past two months, this program has discovered over $600M in potential mortgage volume for their agents. 

These opportunities are delivered directly to the agents, onto their dashboard, as well as to the network's marketing teams. From there, communication, customized marketing, and specialized training are also delivered to agents who are then equipped with all the information necessary to pursue these potential opportunities. Emails to their segmented database have helped discover and generate over 1,500 leads and increase sales volume by 18%. 

The CLC Network's specialized reporting and data analytics programs are structured to provide its agents with every opportunity possible for success while knowing the dedicated support they have always received from the network will continue to be provided daily.