CLC Network becomes fastest mortgage brokerage to hit $1BN

by CLC

CLC Network becomes fastest mortgage brokerage to hit $1BN

Toronto, ON, December 9, 2020 – The CLC Network, a Canadian mortgage company headquartered in North York, announced today that it has surpassed $1B in annual funding volume, just before its 4th anniversary.

In just 4 years, the CLC Network has sky-rocketed since first opening its doors back in 2017. What began with only 6 agents from their flagship Capital Lending Centre brokerage, has now blossomed to over 260 agents across 9 brokerage members with over $2Bn in funded volume. This includes a substantial YoY increase of 53.8% funding volume between 2019 and 2020.

 “This is a proud moment for CLC and all of our brokers and agents, especially with so much uncertainty over the past year,” said Shubha Dasgupta, President and CEO of CLC Network. “The strength of our digital platform provided clear opportunities for our agents to grow and develop not only their own business but to also support and elevate their partners, families, and communities during these turbulent times.”

New managing partner Christa Mitchell, who brings over a decade of experience in the mortgage industry adds, “I couldn’t be happier to have joined the CLC team this past April. They quickly reacted to any problems that were presented to ensure our agents were well prepared to conquer any challenges that emerged. They also stood by their promise, avoiding any layoffs during the pandemic.” 

 “Our 100% digital platform and intuitive ALFRED CRM system provided agents with all the tools they required to quickly adjust to the work at home environment and easily communicate with their clients,” said Dasgupta. “Time saving AI-driven analytics and automated marketing tools gave our agents the power to quickly identify opportunities to help Canadians secure their finances, reduce their overall borrowing costs and build financial wealth, even in the face of adversity.”

CLC’s proprietary CRM software, including the company’s leading-edge marketing resources helped to generate thousands of qualified leads, which drove hundreds of millions of dollars in volume to their agents. Additionally, the company’s turnkey solutions and unique training program have attracted the attention of industry-leading brokerages looking for advanced, data-driven tools and a supportive platform to elevate their business. In 2020 alone, the company expanded to include 5 new brokerages and 1 new team: Loan Desk, iBridge Capital, LiveWell Mortgage Plus, iLend Capital, Mortgauge Brokerage Inc., and Mortgage Ethos, bringing top talent in tow.

“We haven’t seen anything like the CLC model in Canada before,” said Mitchell. “It not only eliminates the obstacles that prevent agents from succeeding in this industry, but it also changes the way they connect and build relationships with their clients and partners. With over 50 hours of free live training provided to our agents on a monthly basis, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing the level of interest and excitement from so many leaders throughout our industry.”

For further information: Christa Mitchell, Managing Partner; [email protected]



At the heart of the CLC Network is ALFRED, a revolutionary CRM system that provides real time data management and reporting, lead generation and direct underwriting support, all in one. ALFRED also seamlessly manages agents’ day-to-day business through automated triggers and tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Backed by Salesforce’s artificial intelligence, ALFRED syncs up with agents’ calendar and emails, produces robust reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time notifications for email opens, link clicks, and more. It is the most sophisticated CRM in the mortgage world today and is a fundamental tool for revenue growth and relationship development.