Industry News

  • 8Twelve Mortgageon 14 Aug 2020 Home insurance basics

    Getting ready to buy your own home? There are a lot of boxes new homeowners have to tick off, and one of the most confusing can be insurance

  • nestoon 12 Aug 2020 Why mortgage brokers love working at nesto

    Less stress and more doing what you love. Some call it the sweet spot. We just call it nesto

  • 8Twelve Mortgageon 10 Aug 2020 Home inspections: Don’t buy a home without one!

    A home is probably the single biggest investment most Canadians will make in their lives. That’s why it’s important to make any sales offer conditional on a home inspection

  • CLCon 27 Jul 2020 CLC Network launched specialized reporting

    The CLC Network is pleased to announce the official launch of its specialized reporting and data analytics programs available for all CLC Network Mortgage Agents

  • CLCon 22 Jul 2020 CLC Network welcomes Mortgauge

    The CLC Network continues to grow by announcing that it has officially welcomed Mortgauge to the CLC family

  • CLCon 29 Jun 2020 CLC Network welcomes iBridge Capital

    The CLC Network continues to grow by announcing the official welcoming of iBridge Capital to the CLC family

  • Opponoon 26 Jun 2020 Oppono now accepting deals through Filogix

    As of today, lenders can directly submit their deals through Filogix under the private lenders tab "Oppono Lending Company”

  • CLCon 23 Jun 2020 Network helps rebuild community beyond CO-VID

    The CLC Network is honoured to roll out a 2020 support initiative designed towards helping local communities grow and restabilize into the new normal, beyond CO-VID

  • CLCon 16 Jun 2020 Network launches instant pre-qualification tool

    The CLC Network has officially launched an instant mortgage pre-qualification tool available to all brokers and agents within the organization

  • CLCon 12 Jun 2020 Adapting to the current environment

    Adaptation and evolution are not new to the world, but certainly something we consider more often in today’s unprecedented times