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Mortgage Broker News | 25 Jan 2011, 08:30 AM Agree 0
U.S. home sales are set to rebound as the economy recovers, according to Fannie Mae’s Chief Economist Dave Duncan, but since prices lag sales, home values in the U.S. won't likely bottom out until 2012.
  • Alex | 02 Feb 2011, 04:51 AM Agree 0
    "The overall economic outlook will build off growing confidence in the U.S., said Duncan."

    Good luck on that Duncan. We have little to no manufacturing base, no movement toward longterm job creation, and a shrinking taxpayer base crying out for gov't money which comes from same said struggling taxpayer. It's nice to know the faces in charge seem to continue to have absolutely no clue how wealth is created, where the economy is, how it got there, or what happens next.

    The talking head "experts" didn't see turbulance coming and have yet to make one correct assesment of the economic situation. Remind me why they are still believed?
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