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Mortgage Broker News | 30 Apr 2015, 08:02 AM Agree 0
One broker believes the Bank of Canada is sending mixed messages about the state of the housing industry based on who – and what – it is trying to influence.
  • ctrl-alt-del | 30 Apr 2015, 12:37 PM Agree 0
    Mr. Poloz is a puppet of Harper`s administration, all conveniently turning blind eye on dirty Chinese money, laundered through our real estate for a cost of inflated values, causing irreparable damages to national economy, stability of our banking system (yet to be realized) and to all of us. Our boys are all in it and that is not from the goodness of their hearts. Bill C51 and formation of Canadian secret police meant nothing more than to secularize their intentions while fueling up the frenzy by rate cut from January 2015 following the oil collapse, and lies as to the state of economy and real estate itself. Our children are not obsessed by home ownership as many mistakenly refer to. In contrary they are panicking and acting from fear and self defense and so are their parents in attempt to help to save them from non affordability later on. Our lives have been affected for decades and perhaps generations to come, escalating through financial inability for most of young Canadians to separate from their parents to continue their own family lives. All natural processes. Reasons that our real estate market is unable to correct in logical ways should be clear by now. ctrl-alt-del
  • Christa | 01 May 2015, 07:43 AM Agree 0
    Same applies to Australia and N. Zealand real estate values due to Pacific proximity to China.
  • Ross Kay | 07 May 2015, 10:24 AM Agree 0
    House Prices Nationally on March 31st. had 38.9% of their current Market Value Appraisal at risk for correction.

    Mr. Poloz like all economists have no experience in how housing markets function.

    The bank and CMHC can't even calculate the number of first time buyers accurately even though they have the data for a 100% accurate count.

    I think the bank actually believes over 210,000 sales last year were first time purchases.

    Sure and frogs fly at the north pole.
  • Darr Robbins | 12 May 2015, 10:46 PM Agree 0
    You have your lines of reporting all wrong. Politicians report to the banks and owners of this country which are represented by the Bank of Canada as the country's beachhead which reports to the Bank for International Settlement in Basel, Switzerland which is controlled by families and organizations far wealthier than those individuals published in the Forbes wealthiest people list.

    The BIS founders was built as a transnational financial system that could move large amounts of capital free from political or governmental control. The central bankers such as the FED, BOE, SNB etc, demanded and received incredible immunity from their own governments, free from any type of regulation, scrutiny, or accountability for the BIS directors and members as well as their employees.

    The unprecedented immunity that was granted was the following:
    -Diplomatic immunity for persons and what they carry with them, such as diplomatic pouches.
    -Not being subjected to taxation on any transactions, including salaries paid to employees.
    -Embassy-type immunity for all buildings and/or offices operated by the BIS.
    -Freedom from immigration restrictions.
    -Freedom to encrypt any and all communications of any sort.
    -Freedom from any legal jurisdiction.
    -Immunity from arrest or imprisonment and immunity from seizure of their personal baggage, except in flagrant cases of criminal offense.
    -Immunity from jurisdiction, even after their mission has been accomplished, for acts carried out in the discharge of their duties, including words spoken and writings.
    -Exemption for themselves, their spouses, and children from any immigration restrictions, from any formalities concerning the registration of aliens, and from any obligation -relating to national service in Switzerland.
    -The right to use codes in an official communications or receive or send documents or correspondence by means of couriers or diplomatic backs.

    On February 10, 1987, the BIS and the Swiss Federal Counsel signed a “Headquarters Agreement” which confirmed the immunities previously granted to the BIS when it was created, as well as additional immunities.
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