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Mortgage Broker News | 13 Jan 2015, 10:28 AM Agree 0
Email newsletters may be viewed as an obsolete marketing tool, but their impact is undeniable: on average, they boast 4,300 per cent ROI – or about $42.08 for every dollar spent, according to a recent Direct Marketing Association report.
  • @kiltedbroker | 13 Jan 2015, 04:11 PM Agree 0
    Although the fundamentals of this article are sound in the fact that "brokers shouldn't neglect the countless benefits of email marketing", email marketing is just like any other form of marketing, to be successful with it, you have to do a great job at it!

    A bad newsletter will certainly not benefit your business, and it might actually lower people's opinion of you. It is probably better to NOT have a newsletter than to have a bad newsletter.

    A mediocre newsletter; one where you kinda send one out because you think you should, but there is nothing compelling in it because you wrote it at midnight and forgot to spell check, is a complete waste of your time and will not drive consumer action.

    No one celebrates mediocre. No one shares mediocre with their friends.

    Now... an awesome newsletter should be able to drive consumer action, generate referrals and enhance your personal brand. This will make you more money. The newsletter could even be the cornerstone of a successful mortgage business.

    Now replace "newsletter" in the last 3 paragraphs with any form of marketing, and you end up with the same result, each statement is still true. There is nothing magical about the newsletter, similarly there is nothing magical about radio advertising or having breakfast at a BNI meeting. You will only get out what you are willing to invest in.

    It's not the medium... it's the quality of your message on that medium that matters.
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