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Mortgage Broker News | 18 Oct 2010, 12:06 PM Agree 0
The housing market outlook for Canada is positive, according to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA).
  • GregK | 19 Oct 2010, 07:51 AM Agree 0
    Just what in the world is Peter Andersen smoking? His observations would be comical if they didn't reek of complete desperation. I should point out to Mr. Andersen that like in Canada, current US mortgage rates are also "homebuyer friendly" (and you can lock in a rate for 30 years), but a fat lot of good that's doing. You'd figure with the US recession "over", as Mr. Andersen claims, and the price of housing in some US markets down nearly 60%, that US specuvestors would be falling over themselves to buy houses. Funny that, eh? Coming to a Canadian housing market near you.
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