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Mortgage Broker News | 27 Mar 2013, 12:00 AM Agree 0
An industry expert is cautioning brokers on smarter, better-organized mortgage fraudsters, more professional than the familiar mom-and-pop operations that once challenged the industry.
  • Joan E. | 27 Mar 2013, 07:53 AM Agree 0
    "These people run in groups, with a builder and a lawyer on the payroll, sometimes an appraiser." And sometimes a mortgage broker... too often a mortgage broker.
  • Tomas | 27 Mar 2013, 08:20 AM Agree 0
    How about an electronic verification of Notice of Assesssment with CRA?

    The borrower signs a consent to cover off interested in this?
  • ON Consumer | 27 Mar 2013, 08:51 AM Agree 0
    I agree with your comments that much of the time the mortgage representative is involved. You wouldn't happen to be a lawyer Joan E.?
  • Derek Rowley | 27 Mar 2013, 09:57 AM Agree 0
    @Joan E

    You truly have a bad attitude about mortgage brokers. Must be nice to live in a glass house. Tell me where you house is so I can be the first in line with a brick.
  • Scott Dawson | 27 Mar 2013, 11:21 AM Agree 0
    If you're interested in seeing the whole interview with Jeremy Nicholls we had him on Canadian Mortgage Hangout last week. You can watch the video on Youtube:
  • ON Consumer | 27 Mar 2013, 12:46 PM Agree 0

    I have read a lot of your comments and feel you put the interests of your clients first which is nice to see. However RMA agents should clean up their own house prior to throwing any bricks.
  • Derek Rowley | 27 Mar 2013, 01:24 PM Agree 0
    @ON Consumer

    TRhank you for your comments and compliment. I am not throwing any bricks so to speak but I feel that If whoever is going to be so down on brokers, then that individual should at least step up to the plate and at least tell us who he or she is as far as a title or profession. Even a condemned man has the right to face his accusers.

    As for myself, I try to keep a positive perspective within the industry and my comment to Joan E was perhaps off track and to Joan E I offer my humble apology. Here I am "fighting" and I should be motivating and inspiring. I will be more careful in the future to practice what I preach.

    Thank you and all the best.

    Derek Rowley
  • Derek Rowley | 27 Mar 2013, 02:42 PM Agree 0
    To all readers and contributors

    MBN has been or rather is an awesome resource and I truly love reading the stories and the comments. But here is my dilema. I am failing in remaining as a neutral spectator so to speak and at times reading the comments is like watching Jerry Springer and before I know it, the gloves are off. This is not who I am and so I have made an educated decision to no longer toss myself into the combatant waves and to let you guys have all the fun.

    Rather, I will sit on the side-lines and wait for an opportunity to oresent itself and then I will attack with words of wisdom through motivation and inspiration. This is who I really am.

    One word of advice - it is not a smart move to point fingers at brokerages and especially if the comment is deflamatory. Choose your words carefully and makes sure youir brain is in gear before your mouth goes into action. Remember the old saying; "United we stand - divided we fall".

    My sincere best wishes to all in your quest as an agent, broker, road rep, lender or whatever role you play. We all have one common denominator and that is to help our clients and to help and support each other.

    Best wishes and continued good selling


    Derek Rowley

  • ON Consumer | 27 Mar 2013, 03:55 PM Agree 0
    I think your right that this forum is for positive and motivation.

    I actually quite enjoy reading your posts since you put the client first and at the end of the day your right that bickering doesn't help anyone.

    I would like to correct your advice about pointing fingers at brokerages in that the statement must be false to be classified as defamation.

    A statement may hurt your reputation, but if it is true, anyone who says it has a valid defence for defamation. I made the comments specifically about the brokerage as this news thread directly relates to mortgage fraudsters.
  • Derek Rowley | 27 Mar 2013, 05:07 PM Agree 0
    @ON Consumer

    Thank you for you comments and comnopliment and your comment is received by myself in a positive tone.

    Here is some food for thought for all my brothers and sisters. Hiope you enjoy.

    One of Life's Greatest Rules..."You cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening your own".

    Best wishes to all

    Derek Rowley
  • Jeremy Nicholls | 29 Mar 2013, 11:06 AM Agree 0
    There are a minority of bad eggs in every profession, every single one. Therefore the truly good and honest industry professionals need to stand up and get rid of them. The minority is ruining the reputations of the majority.
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