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Mortgage Broker News | 19 Apr 2016, 08:15 AM Agree 0
Bank lowers its industry record high savings rate of three per cent, after implementing a cap on the number of weekly account openings in response to enormous demand
  • Not Happy with EQ | 19 Apr 2016, 12:28 PM Agree 0
    How long did it last...3 months? Poor business model. I hope everyone withdraws their funds to indicate their disapproval.
  • EQ | 19 Apr 2016, 12:38 PM Agree 0
    WOW.......Think of all those people who had to wait to be selected. On a $100K balance, EQ has reduced the monthly interest they pay out from $250 to $187.50......that is a $62.50 loss to the clients.
  • EQ | 19 Apr 2016, 02:04 PM Agree 0
    Poor Move. I hope they suffer through the media.
  • Saver | 22 Apr 2016, 07:45 AM Agree 0
    This sucks, however it is still the best rate in the market.
  • Evan | 22 Apr 2016, 10:29 AM Agree 0
    Amazing at how quickly the broker community can turn on a lender. It's any wonder that the banks are getting more aggressive with competing with brokers. They are nothing more than fair weather friends.
  • Disappointed Retiree | 05 May 2016, 06:44 AM Agree 0
    EQ presented a safe opportunity to earn some interest on my money unaffected by crazy market swings. I was committed to slowly transition my "locked in funds" (GIC's) to EQ ..... until now. My transition to EQ has gone from "slow" to "stop" and I am again looking elsewhere.
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