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Mortgage Broker News | 27 Apr 2010, 12:00 AM Agree 0
A recent online survey conducted by CMHC shows that 81 per cent of recent homeowners in Canada are comfortable with their current level of mortgage debt.
  • Jeff Gingerich | 28 Apr 2010, 05:01 AM Agree 0
    I'd be curious to know the makeup of that group as I think the 68% might be a bit optimistic. My experience is that the great majority of people just make their scheduled payments and many refinance causing them to pay their mortgage off later, not sooner.
  • Joe Ornato | 28 Apr 2010, 05:11 AM Agree 0
    I Find it funny that consumer confidence and soaring sales in luxury homes are happening at the same time! Canadians "think" they can afford payments, so they buy a luxury home, all while interest rates are still very low. Remember that the debt-to-income ratio is at an all time high, so this confidence can easily be squashed with aggressive rate hikes.
  • Zolman | 28 Apr 2010, 07:02 AM Agree 0
    In Calgary luxury home sales are at standstill according to Realtors. Where are these statistics are coming from? Or other part of the country is more blessed? This is like saying we have a shortage in condominiums on the market in Calgary. Yeah, right.
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