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Channel execs win brokers a national stage

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Mortgage Broker News | 12 Apr 2012, 10:00 AM Agree 0
Brave souls or gluttons for punishment? DLC execs will enter the CBC’s fiery Dragons' Den Thursday, offering up a financial literacy program launched through the network’s brokers and now humbly presented as an investment opportunity.
  • Any Eductation is Good | 13 Apr 2012, 01:40 AM Agree 0
    To say no one is taking responsibility is a somewhat inaccurate broad statement. First of all, individuals need to take their own responsibility. Its not the gov't or industry's job to do that. Just as one's health is a personal responsibility. Second, there are countless ways people can access basic financial education for free: websites, print material from all kinds of financial institutions, investment firm and not for profit. People just need to make that as a priority. Nothing the DLC program is doing is new so if they want to create buzz then they'll achieve it.
  • Paul Therien | 13 Apr 2012, 02:32 AM Agree 0
    What DLC is doing is great, a national brand taking some accountability... BUT that broad statement that no one is taking responsibility is at best inaccurate.

    CENTUM launched a literacy program, which is FREE, to it's customers over a year ago, well before the DLC program. I know of many other brokers from across Canada from all brands that participate in literacy programs in their communities, and they do it for free.

    There are also literacy programs offered by several financial institutions for FREE to students across Canada, and several not-for-profit groups that also teach literacy in conjunction with municiple and provincial governments.

    Don't get me wrong, what DLC is doing is great, and it is great exposure for them. It's simple not accurate to pretend that you were first out of the gate and to make the claim that you are the only one taking responsibility for the program.
  • Steve the broker | 13 Apr 2012, 04:00 AM Agree 0
    Love em or hate em, DLC will raise the profile of mortgage brokers...(I don't particularly like the DLC model, by the way).... our national association, caamp, just hasn't cut the mustard... they've collected $$millions in fees through their trade shows, golf tournaments (yes, it doesn't all go to the financials), annual fees, AMP fees, etc... It's simple... we should be following The Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC).. they've done a fantastic job of promoting the insurance broker... let's get CAAMP to work in TRUE partnership with the Provincial associations... put those $$millions towards simple but consistent and effective advertising, cut out the top heavy execs at CAAMP and we'll gain real exposure... let's bond the thousands of brokers nationally... it's long overdue... maybe then, we'll start to have some real clout.... and not get so excited about an appearance on Dragon's Den...
  • Concerned Broker | 13 Apr 2012, 10:24 AM Agree 0
    P.T. Barnum (and George Steinbrenner) said it best, “any publicity, even if it is bad, is good publicity”. First Don Cherry then this diatribe, I shudder to think that Dominion Lending is a valid spokesperson for our industry on a national stage. We don’t need any additional bad publicity because as ‘Steve’ said, CAAMP step up! DLC on Dragons Den what’s next “Coaches Corner”, oh that’s right it’s publicity! DLC and P.T. Barnum what a circus.
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