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Mortgage Broker News | 15 Dec 2016, 08:15 AM Agree 0
MorWEB is poised to become a much bigger player in the mortgage game; how do brokers – both DLC and others – feel about the purchase?
  • USE THE FORCE | 16 Dec 2016, 03:18 PM Agree 0
    Congrats to DLC for this acquisition! This is what the industry (GALAXY) needs on the technology origination front. Competition usually is followed by innovation. For the longest time, D+H Expert (THE EVIL EMPIRE) has not innovated and its the take it or leave it platform that many brokers loathed. Expert's strength was its long lender list, broker reluctance to learn and use MorWEB, poor new agent system training that inevitably lead to Expert system by osmosis, and D+H’s power over smaller lenders that it can shaft if those lenders do anything that they don’t like. These factors contribute and perpetuate the cycle that made Expert the monopoly it is today (DARTH VADER & THE DEATH STAR). MorWEB can easily gain market share now that it has DLC (LEADER OF THE RESISTANCE) capable of mounting offensive action against the choke hold and potential destruction from (DARTH VADER & HIS DEATH STAR)

    / || \
    / || \
    | || |
    | _______||_______ |
    |/ ----- \/ ----- \|
    / ( ) ( ) \
    / \ ----- () ----- / \
    / \ /||\ / \
    / \ /||||\ / \
    / \ /||||||\ / \
    /_ \o========o/ _\
    `--...__|`-._ _.-'|__...--'
    | `' |

    I'm sure Gary already has plans to monetize this investment and drive ROI. I'm going to say it anyways. My advice to Gary is focus on implementation. You can have the best system (LIGHT SABER AND STARFIGHTER) for your franchises and agents (JEDI), but if they don’t use it (THE FORCE), then it’s not going to matter. They will continued to be seduced by the POWER OF THE DARK SIDE. really is upto you to use THE FORCE to break away and submit deals through MorWEB. Change is hard and can easily take a back seat to convenience and osmosis leading back to the DARKSIDE. But victory and the FORCE is with you and within you to overcome. MorWEB is easy to learn and use.

    Do the math...there are approx 12000 brokers in Cda. CAAMP (TRADE FEDERATION) will tell you 16000 but real producing brokers is more like 12k. DLC and the RESISTANCE can easily make a big dent in the EVIL EMPIRE’S monopoly in a short time order.

    Innovation, freedom, and peace is ahead for the GALAXY. Victory is yours!!

    (the above is opinion of the writer only and is in no way promoting the up coming Starwars you need to be convinced)
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