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Mortgage Broker News | 11 May 2018, 12:41 AM Agree 0
If there was any doubt that the housing market is correcting itself, the Bank of Canada’s hiked benchmark rate should dispel that disbelief
  • Jen | 11 May 2018, 09:14 AM Agree 0
    Deep pockets in Vancouver and Toronto will not be thwarted by these changes. The recent measures taken by government, coupled with an increase in borrowing and qualifying rate all in a short time, simply wides the chasm between the average Canadian and a financially comfortable life.
  • LanceH | 11 May 2018, 11:28 AM Agree 0
    As always, the politicos and bureaucrats do too much too late! Most ppl seem to forget the original stress test, was the change in debt formula - using 3% of balance, rather than what it says on the bureau. It should be one or the other, not both, and the stress test should not increase - it should stay the same til rates catch up to it.
  • Display Name | 11 May 2018, 02:40 PM Agree 0
    "Deep pockets in Vancouver and Toronto will not be thwarted by these changes." No they won't, rather they've been fleeing those markets due to deteriorating market conditions and low potential for return. People with "deep pockets" didn't get that way by being fools with their money.
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