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Mortgage Broker News | 24 Nov 2010, 09:35 AM Agree 0
In mid-October, Calgary mortgage broker Greg Williamson launched the Buyer Protection Plan to offer a differentiating product for Realtors through mortgage agents.
  • Jake | 25 Nov 2010, 02:28 AM Agree 0
    I don't understand the benefit of this program. Why should I, as the seller, let go of up to 5% of the sale of my home when I also bought a new home? I give up the risk to my buyer but I take on new risk? (assuming the new home I bought isn't done under the BPP)?

  • Mark Fidgett | 25 Nov 2010, 07:26 AM Agree 0
    I was hoping someone might bring that up, because I don't have to tell you that when you choose to use this program, it's a very important choice, because you understand this program brings buyers to the table. Experience shows, if you don't have a buyer, you don't have to worry about letting go of up to 5% because as you know, 5% of nothing is nothing. I appreciate your input and based on the soft launch and results to date, because of this program realtors are in fact getting buyers to the table.
  • Skeptical | 26 Nov 2010, 03:15 AM Agree 0
    So why would I as a seller want to put 5% of the sale price of my home in escrow with the risk of losing it? If I sell my home for $500,000, then I want $500,000...not $475,000...or $487,500. It makes absolutely no sense from a sellers point of view.
  • Bob | 26 Nov 2010, 03:19 AM Agree 0
    "In this program, the seller agrees to reimburse the buyer up to five per cent of the purchase price if the median MLS sales price of similar local properties falls."

    What agent would pick this? First you pay $180/mth for membership, then your realtors get it free. A good mortgage broker would already have leads and contacts. Your buyers are the best assets.

    Sure they quote: "this tool is best served in a buyer’s market where Realtors have trouble selling homes quickly. “If you’re in a market where your phone is ringing off the hook, you have multiple offers and things are flying out the door, you don’t need this program".

    But that Seller is OBVIOUSLY in dire straights if they need to sell their home asap. Perhaps they wouldn't be in that particular situation if their REALTOR was better or knew how to price the market correctly.

    How about making the REALTORS pay a monthly fee and NOT mortgage brokers? Lenders don't look at the median MLS sales. Realtors do.
  • lost | 26 Nov 2010, 03:56 AM Agree 0
    no idea what this guy is talking about
  • Call me dumb... | 26 Nov 2010, 04:28 AM Agree 0
    What is the real value of the property $300K or $285K? You are enticing the real estate reps to artificially inflate sale "Skeptical" notes above, if I want $500K for my property, I want $500K, not $475K. If the buyer wants me to put 5% "guarantee" in trust for him then I don't want $500K ,I want $525K for my house.
    Does this look like not so bright brokers/agents paying $180/month for "coaching"?
  • Laurence Rabie | 26 Nov 2010, 05:32 AM Agree 0
    This has got artificial price fixing written all over it. I suspect that once FICOM gets a hold of this, it will be dealt with. The reason mortgage agents are paying and not the Realtors is because whoever has the leads is in control. Realtors have the clients and they are in control of the relationship. This will never eliminate the fear of price drops. Most consumers are not concerned by a 5% correction. They're concerned about the 10 or 15% correction. This program is a total waste of time.

    Think about it, If I'm buying, and I know I can get a Buyer Price Protection, I'm still going to only buy the house at fair market value. Or cheaper if possible. I will typically see 15 to 20 houses. I have become the EXPERT in house prices for that particular type of house. I've seen what's on the market and what they're asking. In some ways I have more knowledge than the appraisers who only saw the house I'm buying and is online pulling MLS data on the comparables. I'm actually looking at 20 houses that are similar and competing with each other. I won't be fooled on price. So I am still going to want to Buy low, AND get the price protection as well. Will it bring some buyers to the table? If they're that worried about prices dropping then they need to wait. Usually there is very few buyers out there that slam on the brakes because of fear of falling house prices. This isn't the US where foreclosures are at 13% and prices have been and are expected to continue dropping. This market is not in a free fall. The Buyer's Realtor should give them the evidence that the market is OK and work on their motivating factors that are screaming at the Buyers to buy a home - need bigger yard, need more rooms, baby coming, getting married, down sizing cuz kids are gone, etc. Most people don't buy a house because they think the market is going up. They buy because there is some other motivating factor.
  • Jeremy From Calgary | 26 Nov 2010, 06:54 AM Agree 0
    As a broker here in Calgary, this program just makes sense! Have you seen the amount of prices drops that are happening? In this market you need to be different, be creative and think outside the box. If it doesn't make sense, I have found it's because you don't know enough about the program. The BPP can be negotiated in or out of the deal. Why keep 5% in escrow? Because it's the alternative to a 5% price drop. In Calgary, nothing is selling for list or even 95% of list today. Are we artificially inflating the values to account for the 5%? No! The home must be properly price in the first place. Furthermore, all lenders and insurers are going to do the due diligence. Is there a chance that someone could abuse the program, absolutely! But we are all ethical professionals here, right? What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Continue to do what you've been doing and you'll continue to get what you've been getting. How is that price drop after price drop been working for you Mr. Realtor? The way I see it, the BPP is one more tool for your toolbox. Isn't really about bring buyers to the table? If the seller gets most if not all of the 5% back, is that a bad thing? I was a skeptic too, but I made the call to Greg and became more informed.
  • Skeptical in Vancouver | 26 Nov 2010, 07:22 AM Agree 0
    Vendors would be better served taking a few thousand dollars and offering a selling bonus comission to the realtor. In a soft market that will make the house sell faster as the buying realtor will push it more. Then they know exactly what their "loss" is as opposed to waiting a year. What buyer buying their residence really cares about a 5% drop in price. I imagine the conditions of sorting an actual claim on the other end are onerous. Sure it's a tool to use with realtors but then you're hyping a negative real estate market which just puts you in bad terms with most realtors anyways. Seems like much ado about nothing. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid...
  • Smokey | 26 Nov 2010, 07:25 AM Agree 0
    The reality of this product is that few buyers/sellers will actually use it in the end. Greg's in the business of selling coaching services etc. He wants the monthly and per listing fee. He's squeezing a bit more blood out of the stones of brokers. A great business idea on his part.

    Any Realtor that is really good doesn't need or want this program as it just makes the process messier. For newer Realtors it is something to talk to buyer's about. For weaker Realtors it is something to confuse their seller with to get a listing. Like many aspects of selling and marketing a home it is just more "smoke and mirrors". But with that, it probably will open doors to some Realtor relationships and generate some leads. Only time will tell if it justifies the cost.

    This is the real question for a seller that might agree to the program. If they think prices are going to drop, why commit to a 5% drop instead of lowering the price and firming up a 2% drop. If they think prices are going to rise, why sell or why not wait? If a buyer likes the price protection because they think prices are going to drop, then why not wait to buy. If they think prices are going to go up, then it doesn't matter. It restricts which lenders they can use (Merix only so far) and adds extra cost that they could leave in their pocket. In most cases unless they are totally snowed, the program will give something to negotiate over but won't be used very often. Not if the Realtors on both side are truly looking out for their client's interests.

    The only certainty is that starving desperate brokers will put lots of their money in Greg's pocket.
  • Smokey | 26 Nov 2010, 07:40 AM Agree 0
    The basic concept of the program is pretty straight forward. Layout the concept. put a clause in the contract, put the funds in escrow at closing and tie the price drop to some board produced statistic/district.

    Get some guy in India to build you a little logo for $50. A lawyer to draw up a clause for the contract to give to Realtors $350. Flogging your own idea instead of paying monthly for Greg's. Priceless.

    BTW the money in escrow HAS to be paid to the mortgage lender as a pre-payment to reduce the principle balance. The sellers is effectively agreeing to selling the property at a future lower price if prices drop. It's the only way a lender and insurerer will agree to the concept. Only a couple lenders will ever support this program. It's too much of a headache for most of them.

    Most brokers will spend a lot of time spinning their wheels on this program. If that same effort and time was put into building relationship and connecting with buyers through networking etc they would be "richer than they think".
  • Sudershan | 26 Nov 2010, 09:13 AM Agree 0
    Please explain it to us that how the mortgage brokers are protected and get some benefit form this kind of programme.
    What they have to do for it?
  • Mark Fidgett | 26 Nov 2010, 09:27 AM Agree 0
    Laurence, although I don't agree with you, props for putting your name behind your view. The fact that the leads coming in off the site belong to and are controlled by the broker reminds me of something I read a while back.
    How do you know what you don't know if you don't know what you don't know.
    In my opinion, the BPP will likely get negotiated out in the end, but the fact that it brought buyers to the table, makes it another valuable marketing piece.

    Market stimulation no good, hmmm, think you guys need to do a guest appearance at the G20 Summit.

    I'm not going to tell you that you get a hell of a lot more than just the BPP for $180 because you don't seem interested in facts.

    I'd hate to tell some of top realtors in the country that have signed on with this program that some anonymous guy out there who likely can't even put his bank statement where his mouth is, believes they're no good.

    I absolutely believe in free speech & opinions, but at least get the facts first.
  • AB Mortgage Broker | 26 Nov 2010, 10:13 AM Agree 0
    Smokey, it sounds like you are a little bitter or perhaps just angry and that's okay. You remind me of me when I was 16 and thought I knew it all. Different strokes for different folks! If it's not your cup of tea, that's fine. You don't need help because you know it all and that's fine too. You can't fix stupid! Get educated before speaking about something you know nothing about!

  • Greg Williamson | 26 Nov 2010, 11:53 AM Agree 0
    Let me be clear, I know what I signed up for when I decided to step into the public domain and try and help people. People feel the need to take pot shots. I have been brushing those off for years.

    However, when you attack the good people in our community, our intentions as a group, and our vision then I take exception. Particularly when some do it without having the guts to attach your name. Yes Smokey (nice) I'm talking to you. Calling people "Starving desperate brokers" in our community does that make you feel better?

    As for the other comments, honestly most are missing the point and I think you have some blockages in your thinking, I think the choice you have is do I want to find out more, or do I want to be content with my judgement, that decision is entirely up to you.

    Some of the top Realtors in Canada are signing up to the program, and more will come. BPP helps people. BPP primarily helps Mortgage Brokers move their position in the food chain, from a servant relationship with Realtors to that of a Leadership relationship. That is our mandate and what drives me.

    If you want help, and you want to be a part of a community that supports each other to play Bigger, then give us a shout we would love to meet you and help you. If you don't that's ok. Keep taking shots at me and my intentions all you want, but ask yourself when you do "what are MY intentions? Does this behaviour take me closer or farther away from what I say I want in my life and business?"


  • Patricia DePaoli | 26 Nov 2010, 12:45 PM Agree 0
    As for the BPP... well many of you have either been terribly misinformed, have completely misinterpreted the facts, or have simply generated an opinion about a program you know nothing about.

    This program and the 180 community is not for everyone, like nothing is... and that's absolutely ok! But if it's not for you, let it be because you don't need support, tools or leadership...because your life and business couldn't be better...because you are seeing prices go through the roof with competitive offers...because you are bringing value and innovative tools to your referral sources and clients, and you have amazing relationships with realtors that are sending you more deals than you can handle. Not ignorance.

    Change is hard.

    To your success!
  • Lisa Theriault | 26 Nov 2010, 03:00 PM Agree 0
    I'm pretty surprised by the nastiness of some of these comments. This is supposed to be a 'profession', not a playground. I take my career very seriously, as does my family who are supported by it. I am not a 'starving desperate broker' who is just putting money in Greg's pocket - the exact opposite, actually. I have built a very successful business and team, with many very loyal and happy clients and realtor partners. I joined the 180 community to 'try something different', as I was a sceptic when it came to coaching programs. But I can tell you that my thoughts have changed and it is those that do not wish to grow and learn who will stay stagnant in a changing environment. If there is an opportunity to bring something new and innovative to my clients and realtor partners, I welcome the opportunity to offer it. How dare anyone make comment when you don't have all the facts ~ and if you are going to be rude, you should be adult enough to post your name and own your opinion.
  • Chad Moore | 26 Nov 2010, 05:20 PM Agree 0
    Smokey: I agree with you this is a great idea by Greg and I am happy to be apart of his vision for the BPP and his coaching community. I have been able to meet with top producing agents in my market because they like the idea and want to learn more about it. It seems like your a little frustrated because you did not think of this simple idea and make it available to mortgage brokers across Canada. It takes courage to step out of the pack and differentiate yourself. You differentiated yourself by blasting all 180 brokers, good on you, but wheres your name bro? The BPP is is a creative, relevant marketing tool for some agents, some of their listings and not every broker either. That line you draw in the sand today, may end up being a wall pretty quick. What are your referral sources saying about you?

  • Sabeena Bubber | 27 Nov 2010, 03:03 AM Agree 0
    This is to address the comment from Smokey, "The only certainty is that starving desperate brokers will put lots of their money in Greg's pocket."
    I would like to address that point since I am apparently one of the starving desperate brokers that put my money in Greg's pocket. I was already doing $50 million in volume before I started working with Greg. Having a personally challenging year, this is the year that I would have become a desperate broker had it not been for Greg. Using the tools that he provided (Inflation Hedge Strategy, Building Futures Plan, Buyer Protection Plan, etc), I can specifically credit $7 million of my volume this year directly to these tools. Last I checked, I wasn't paying Greg $70,000 for his services. I can tell you that he is worth every penny. The coaching has benefited my business, my direction, and most of all, my overall life balance.

    Take that to the bank!
  • A Mortgage Broker with a fake name | 27 Nov 2010, 05:33 AM Agree 0
    There are thousands of mortgage brokers/associates in Canada, each one with an opinion, so it is clear we will not all agree. That is o.k.! Those of you that come on here and disagree with the program, I commend you, again not everyone will agree with this program and it is important to bring light to the reasons why this program may not be right for you. Those of you that come on here and make personal attacks while hiding behind your fake name are simply ignorant to the facts, not to mention extremely gutless.

    I am part of the 180 program and yes I pay for coaching. I will be 100% honest, I don't agree with every offering and thought coming from these coaches however I certainly see value in learning about an extremely unique program like the BPP. There are numerous coaching platforms out there, all charging a fee (some have small fees which do nothing more than give you a password to a website with a bunch of stuff on it, too much stuff to comfortably implement, while others can be as extreme as thousands per month where your company is completely audited and lots of hands on work occurs). The reason this coaching program works is because it is about mortgage related stuff, being taught by mortgage people who are in the trenches. There is no fluffy, get in touch with your inner self crap, like so many other programs offer. I dont need to get in touch with my feminine side, but I am sure interested in continuing to grow my business and for that reason alone I support the 180 coaching community. And no I am not a desparate broker. I have been in the business for 10 years, have 7 team members and make a very healthy living by 1) doing what is right for my clients, 2) standing out in a crowd.

    It is a fair assessment in that each one of you stating your opinion come from a position of having made many assumptions. Your thoughts are based on a situation you are either in or are placing yourself in, this assumes that everyone else must be in that same position or you would likely not have posted why you think this program is no good, or does not make sense. That is why you need to get educated, once educated I am sure you will see this program clearly makes sense for #1 All buyers, they have nothing to lose, #2 many sellers as they can differentiate their listing in an over-crowded market like the one I operate in, and #3 realtors and other referral partners that want a competitive advantage.

    The comment about wanting 500k for your home not 475K is the exact reason this program could work for the right person. In today's environment (where I live) if you want 500K you would list it for 525K or more because nothing is selling at full list, and most homes are venturing into their 2nd price drop. (this is not over-inflating price, this is playing the market and we all do it.) We currently have 12.7 months of supply according to CREA, this is up from 7.9 months of supply 1 year ago. If you think for a second that sellers are not going to benefit by having something to differentiate their home then you are, like I said, ignorant to fact. Who wants their home on the market for 12 months? With the BPP you could get it listed today, offer something unique, make a sale much quicker and move on in your life.......or list today, tell everyone how nice the home is, drop the price in 60 days, stress out, drop the price again 60 days later, stress some more, change realtors, list at a lower get the point.

    In my area there are 324 realtors, 45-50 mortgage brokers, and 25-30 mortgage specialists. This is an average of 4 realtors per mortgage professional. There were 123 MLS sales in October. You can do the math, this is less than 2 per mortgage professional, way less than 2 if you consider my office did approx. 30 of these sales. The comment about "A good mortgage broker would already have leads and contacts" is again the reason why this program works. The referral partners I have forged relationships with for years love the fact that I am bringing them more than a box of donuts and a rate sheet that is identical to the rate sheet that every mortgage broker in town sends to them. My referral partners now have tools that can help grow their business, if they chose not to use it that is completely up to them, but I have given them more than the next guy was going to.

    In closing I will mention that unique marketing positions are never going to cease, those that sit back and wait for the phone to ring because they advertised a great rate or told their realtor partners they can meet clients at 9 p.m. will be soon out of the business. Right now in my community there are realtors offering taking vehicles on trade, guaranteed sales, free trips, t.v.'s, pre-paid credit cards, 1% commissions, etc, etc, etc..........why not offer something that actually helps people. Instilling buyer confidence in a market where there are 12.7 months of inventory is far more important than offering them a free flat panel T.V.

    Oh and by the way, my name is Cory.
  • Eileen Casavant | 27 Nov 2010, 05:53 AM Agree 0
    It surprises me how so many people are quick to judge something when they really know little or nothing about it. Or simply don’t have all the facts to make an informed opinion. Before you start making uninformed comments give yourself some credit and get educated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but please educate yourself before spouting off and taking personal shots at someone that is passionate about wanting to help others and simply give back. Your comments are uncalled for and clearly unprofessional. For those skeptics - pick up the phone and get educated.

    Give credit where credit is due, the community of 180 is about playing Big.

    If you change your thoughts you might change your outcome!
  • Jason Suttie | 27 Nov 2010, 06:59 AM Agree 0
    I'd like to echo a lot of what Mark said. First, I am a huge advocator of Freedom of Speech, and feel everyone has a right to voice their opinion.

    I although I don't agree with some of the comments mentioned made by others in this forum, more than anything, it is just their opinion.

    I feel that the Buyer Protection Plan holds a great deal of value. This is a great marketing tool, to differentiate me from other brokers, and my clients listings from other listings. If I can get buyers to enter a dialogue about a property, because it had a Buyer Protection Plan offer, whether it is executed, or brought the buyer to the table. This program is NOT for everyone, no program is, but for those of you, brokers, realtors, and sellers that are willing to truly listen, I think you will see value.

    The one point, I really felt important to make, was in defense of Greg. I know Greg mentioned that he let's shots at him roll of his back, but takes exception when some attacks his community and the people in it. I think that is admirable...however, I have to say, Greg, you have been a great mentor, and now friend...and I take exception, when people take shots at you. You have taken me, and many others under your wing. You offer great advice, and guidance. I know, you truly care about us "the starving desperate brokers" and are helping us be not only great brokers, but great leaders. I have enjoyed everyone I have met through 180, true professionals!

    If you think the BPP, and other creative approaches are such a bad idea...get a bus bench ad, let me know how that work out for you.
  • Bernadette Laxamana | 27 Nov 2010, 07:52 AM Agree 0
    Smokey I wish you didn't feel the need to insult people in a public forum. I am one of Greg's coaching clients for more than a year and also the recipient of Verico's 2010 award for Best Overall Business Growth. I believe in him and his tools and I am definitely not starving. We are in the business to serve our clients and referral partners better and Greg helps us do that with his tools and coaching. What goes around comes around remember that.
  • Jason Dodd | 27 Nov 2010, 08:47 AM Agree 0
    Being Skeptical(Call you Smokey because I can't figure our your real name) It must mean that you would like to see compelling evidence before you believe. That is fine, why wouldn't you?

    Skepticism is a method, not a position. So I challenge your method of conversing on this forum. Really it is insulting to members like me who have stepped up to offer their referral sources, clients and friends we have worked hard to cultivate and grow with a viable option during very uncertain times in many markets.

    Are you feeling the backlash yet? your stance is opinionated and not based on fact. I would take more credence to your thoughts if you had collected facts and tried first to understand before being understood.
    Do you understand this is an option and a extra tool to provide to the marketplace, like any new idea it does take time. This particular idea is already gaining steam and holds value so it will continue to grow.
    I finally started leaning into Greg's coaching forums, training and ideas the last 3 months and I am finally netting the results and confidence I required. I have been doing this for 7 years on broker side and I can tell you whether it is with Greg or someone else I will continue to train and search for guidance and Coaching to improve myself. Always I do my research before entering into a financial obligation, so far money well spent. Thanks Greg!!!. As of yet I haven't gone hungry Mr. Smokey and I am gaining strength in a down market, come and talk to me if you would like more information. Better yet take Greg up on his offer and give him a shout, probably be good to learn from him rather than us "Starving Brokers". A quote for the Skeptic "An anti-something movement displays a purely negative attitude. It has no chance whatever to succeed. It’s passionate diatribes virtually advertise the program they attack".
  • Matt Robinson | 27 Nov 2010, 09:19 AM Agree 0
    Greg has built a couple of very successful brokerages in two different parts of this country. The tools, innovation and mentorship Greg provides are taking my business to another level altogether. I’ve been a client of Greg’s for over a year now and my business is up 60% since I started with him – I was far from ‘starving’ before that. Success leaves clues......pass me another shot of that Kool-Aid.
  • Kelly Seegerer | 28 Nov 2010, 05:48 AM Agree 0
    It is definitely difficult for some people to embrace change and have the confidence to step out of their comfort zone to try new things. I know because I used to be one of them, being defensive and attacking people or or other people's ideas used to be my worst trait. Greg has been the biggest part of me overcoming this. Coaching has been the best thing that has happened in my business. And even better is being apart of a coaching community with such great people. Smokey it sounds like you need to think about looking at the glass of Kool-Aid half full not half empty.
  • Daryl M | 30 Nov 2010, 04:44 AM Agree 0
    Every day we read about negative factors and comments in our industry. We are bombarded with comments from the media and from people that have no idea what they are talking about. I tend to focus on trying to stay positive and upbeat and Greg's coaching provides me with just that type of mentality. I have worked with Greg for years and have seen many of my peers take shots at him for his ideas and his tactics yet I seldom see any of these people come close to his level of success in this business. Now he has focused on trying to give back to our community and once again submits himself to attacks from his peers. Its very easy to attack someone from the back and to make disparaging comments but Greg has thick skin and knows that this will happen. I see very few other brokers doing anything to help. Would you or anyone else develop all these programs and ideas and then not expect to be compensated in some form? Let's wake up folks, if you want to build a successful business you need to make and investment into it and learning from someone who has done it before multiple times only makes business sense. Greg has built 2 very successful brokerages in this country and I for one feel he has a lot to give back to our community.
  • Reality Check | 30 Nov 2010, 05:48 AM Agree 0
    Has it ever occurred to anyone that the reason business is slow is because our industry is just dying out? The public is losing faith in brokers because our sole focus is to make more money, and the majority of us don't act in the best interest of the client. Eventually brokers will just be replaced with technology and search engines for consumer use, much like Expedia has replaced travel agents.
    No number of gimmicks will ever change this reality. Welcome to the Digital Age...
  • Jeremy From Calgary | 01 Dec 2010, 03:03 AM Agree 0
    I can appreciate your candor based on your perception or experience. If the numbers were strong but the business just wasn't coming our way, I might agree with you, but that's not the case. The reason TD and other institutions are becoming more aggressive is due to our industry. Now it's up to our industry to clean out all the dead wood (complainers, negative lost soles, etc...)and keep the forward momentum going.

    Hey Reality Check, it's obvious that you feel you lack value in the eyes of the consumer. With that mindset, you and your business will die a lonely, painful death. And if for you it's simply about money, then you it's no wonder your business is dying. The days of the transactional broker are ending, you're right.

    Can I ask you one question? Why are you in an industry where you feel undervalued, unappreciated, and one where you are just not happy? No amount of help is going to get you to where you want to be in this indutry, you've already checked out. Life's too short...move on!
  • Reality Check | 01 Dec 2010, 04:30 AM Agree 0
    Hi Jeremy,
    I don't feel undervalued or unappreciated at all. My business is 90% repeat/referral business, and I love my job.
    What disappoints me is our industry - brokers using only two lenders to gain volume bonus and "points" rather than learning about every lender available in the country, and finding out who really is the best lender for their client. I think Lenders contribute to this problem by cutting off brokers that don't meet their minimum quotas, rather than just accepting all good deals. I think the industry has made it impossible for brokers to know every lender's guidelines, because lenders guidelines can be confusing, are often out of date, and almost always incomplete. I think the entire system is archaic, and slowly the public will catch on.
    What would the public think if they knew this harsh reality about the broker business? Would they continue to use brokers, or just visit a couple of banks themselves?
    This is the very problem that led to sites like WeList, Expedia, etc...the public wants to invest their own time finding their own best deal. It is the way of the future. It is unavoidable.
    The real problem with our industry is so far beyond just another gimmick...if we want to save the broker industry, we need to be thinking a lot bigger than this.
    You heard it here first...
  • Jeremy From Calgary | 01 Dec 2010, 05:59 AM Agree 0
    Reality Check, do you have a name?

    Thanks for the clarification. I agree, the lenders are making it harder and harder and I believe that is do to brokerages taking on anyone with a pulse. The industry needs to do a clean up within. Brokers need to be held accountable for their associates. With all the shady deals and horrible closing ratios, can we really blame the lenders?

    Lastly, ethics is not something that can be taught! They either have it or they don't! If they don't, they should be punted!! I have more to say on this topic, but I'll leave it for another day.

  • Jeremy From Calgary | 01 Dec 2010, 06:21 AM Agree 0
    I meant to say ethics is something that can't be taught.

    Make it a great day everyone!
  • TK | 02 Dec 2010, 08:00 PM Agree 0
    The web site is down. Why is that?
  • Check Again | 04 Dec 2010, 06:43 AM Agree 0
    Not sure what site you're looking at but it's up.
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