Superbrokers 2009

Superbrokers 2009

It's been quite a year for all the superbrokers polled in CMP's annual survey, and if all the accounts are accurate, it's a year that should end on a high note. Brokers enjoyed steady business with the help from record low rates, housing sales have enjoyed a robust period of movement, and some have even uttered the dreaded 'b' word (as in, boom) to describe what's currently happening.

That said, rates are well on their way back to "normal" and pretty soon that wonderful euphemism the experts like to throw around, "market correction," will be the new buzz phrase, but it's fair to say that all of Canada's superbrokers, through a combination of innovations and staying the course, have weathered the rough ride.

About the survey
This year CMP decided to let the brokerages speak for themselves, so in the following pages what you will find is a chart devoted to each participating brokerage that was generated based on their responses.

The actual survey was in the form of an e-mail questionnaire and followup phone call, asking various questions about how the brokerage does its business. Along with the information charts, CMP has also included various answers to these questions.

Since the survey's inception the number of participating brokerages has varied, citing several different reasons why. This year we have more participating brokerages than ever, and our goal for next year is to have even more.

While several national brokerages opted to tell all and completely answer every question, some others selected to only answer specific questions for privacy reasons, while others still decided not to participate altogether or simply did not answer repeated e-mails and phone calls.

With the missing entries this survey is obviously not what you would call a complete coverage of the brokerage market in Canada, but it does include information from  leading brokerages all across the country and serves as a great reference tool for anyone interested in seeing what is out there. Of course, if you have any further questions about the information in the following pages, don't hesitate to contact the respective brokerage.

We hope you find the results informative, and be sure to look for more coverage on, when CMP anonymously polls various broker from across the country to see how their respective brokerages can improve their game.

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