• An industry of lost souls

    According to the old adage, 80% of success is showing up – but for many brokers, that’s still too high a hurdle, writes Terry Kilakos

  • Before and after B-20

    The new guidelines have had far-reaching effects, from slumping sales to a jump in alternative lending

  • Saddle up

    Mortgage agent Adam Stapley feels most at home on the back of a horse

  • Maybe next year

    Interest rate uncertainty and optimism that prices will drop are keeping potential buyers on the sidelines

  • Handling the stress

    Borrowers overwhelmingly feel the stress test is hurting affordability – but is reducing or eliminating it the answer?

  • Struggling to save

    Stress tests and rising prices have made it harder than ever for would-be buyers to put together a down payment

  • Keeping score

    Brokers have a lot to teach homebuyers about how their credit score affects their ability to secure a mortgage

  • One year later

    What a difference a year – and a stress test – makes in Canada’s housing market

  • Setting the record straight

    A widespread misconception about licensing requirements is plaguing the industry – and it’s putting many brokers in jeopardy, writes John Bargis

  • Strike up the band

    When he’s not closing deals, mortgage agent Kevin Such takes to the streets as part of the Top Hat Marching Orchestra