• Handling the stress

    Borrowers overwhelmingly feel the stress test is hurting affordability – but is reducing or eliminating it the answer?

  • Struggling to save

    Stress tests and rising prices have made it harder than ever for would-be buyers to put together a down payment

  • Keeping score

    Brokers have a lot to teach homebuyers about how their credit score affects their ability to secure a mortgage

  • One year later

    What a difference a year – and a stress test – makes in Canada’s housing market

  • Setting the record straight

    A widespread misconception about licensing requirements is plaguing the industry – and it’s putting many brokers in jeopardy, writes John Bargis

  • Strike up the band

    When he’s not closing deals, mortgage agent Kevin Such takes to the streets as part of the Top Hat Marching Orchestra

  • What effect will the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive have?

    Brokers aren’t sold on the government’s recently announced plan to give CMHC an equity stake in first-timers’ mortgages

  • How to strengthen your leadership team

    Being a great and effective leader is one of the hardest challenges to achieve in the world. How do we ensure that our leadership teams are set up for success?

  • How to make the most of your first 2 hours of your workday

    Do you rush through your day from one crisis to another, answering as many emails as you can in the gaps between pointless meetings? You are not alone.

  • Fighting the good fight

    Mortgage agent and boxer-in-training Deren Hasip is coming out swinging at cancer