QACIQ publishes fully-digital homebuyers' guide

QACIQ publishes fully-digital homebuyers' guide

QACIQ publishes fully-digital homebuyers

Homebuyers in Quebec now have access to a fully digital guide to the homebuying process.

The province’s authority of real estate brokerage, Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ), says its research found that only 39% of survey respondents felt well prepared to buy their first home.

Seven in ten respondents found at least one of the steps involved in the homebuying process to be complex.

"We have completely reviewed and improved our Buyer's Guide to respond concretely to consumers' desire to be even better informed. Now, consumers have at their disposal an online tool that will guide them step by step through each stage of the process of purchasing a home, an income property or a condo," says OACIQ Vice-President of Communications Sofy Bourret.

Among the information provided by the updated guide are the duties and obligations of a real estate broker, which forms should be used, pre-purchase inspections, and taking possession of the property.

"Becoming an owner is an important decision, and by disseminating this guide, the OACIQ is making every effort to promote a smooth and secure real estate transaction," concludes Sofy Bourret.