National Bank proves it's not all about digital these days

National Bank proves it's not all about digital these days

National Bank proves it

The big risk to traditional financial institutions may be the rise of the fintech sector but Canada’s banks still have something the tech-based disruptors don’t – branches!

And that’s something that National Bank believes is still worth investing in as it unveils its new branch experience.

The innovative branch concept in Saint-Canut (Mirabel) opened Wednesday offering an experience that is eco-friendly – built according to LEED standards - and provides a distinctive client experience that focuses on technology and advisory services.

"Our clients wants to access services online, while having the option to go to a branch for advice. That's why the Bank continues to make major investments in its different distribution channels. Our new branch experience provides a happy blend of technology and people skills. It's an approach that we've tested and developed with our teams and meets our clients' evolving needs. We're pleased to offer it today in Saint-Canut and will roll it out throughout our branch network," stated Paolo Pizzuto, Senior Vice-President – Personal Banking at National Bank.

Customers are met by employees as they enter and can access advice or support for digital services. Tellers are still available at counters and advice can be given at ‘collaboration tables’ or in private offices as required.

​​​​​​​Image credit: National Bank