BC residents say gas prices are a "very serious" issue

BC residents say gas prices are a "very serious" issue

BC residents say gas prices are a "very serious" issue

Rising gasoline prices are forcing many British Columbians to make tough choices with their household budgets.

Along with inevitable cut backs for vehicle usage, many residents say they are having to make other changes to their daily lives to cope with the extra cost at the pumps.

Researchers at Insights West found that 89% thought the rise in prises is a serious problem and 54% said it was very serious.

“British Columbians are really feeling the impact of rising gas prices and they don’t seem to believe things are going to change any time soon, which has resulted in changing behaviour around driving,” says Insights West President, Steve Mossop. “Given all the controversy around the Kinder Morgan pipeline—it seems that the perceived linkage between the opposition to pipelines and the increase in gas prices could be the primary reason for the increase in public support of the pipeline in our last poll.”

Around 4 in 10 respondents think gas prices will be higher 6 months from now and a similar share think the higher prices will be permanent. Around a third believe they are a temporary hike.

Impact on household budgets
Almost half of respondents said they have reduced the number of times they use their vehicle but other parts of the household budget are also under pressure.

Around a third have cut their spending on things such as food and entertainment to offset rising gas costs; and 1 in 5 have changed summer vacation plans.