Altus Group opens up ARGUS solutions for integration

Altus Group opens up ARGUS solutions for integration

Altus Group opens up ARGUS solutions for integration

Toronto-based real estate software company Altus Group has announced the release of a gateway to enable the integration of its ARGUS solutions with other applications.

The API (application programming interface) release means that commercial real estate firms will be able to connect third party customer applications and data with the cloud-based ARGUS products.

Carl Farrell, President of Altus Group, says this is an important step in a global industry which is challenged by disparate systems and disjointed workflows which results in data complexities.

“The CRE industry is experiencing a proliferation of systems servicing key workflows which is generating islands of data; this has created an urgent need to better put data to work with a more open, seamless and integrated approach,” he said. “Through a broad set of APIs that we will make available, ARGUS API helps to solve workflow connectivity challenges by enabling clients to more easily connect applications and data across systems. The result for clients is less complexity and greater ability to derive more value from their data.”

Key benefits
Among the key benefits of the new API:

  • Flexible & Simplified Integration – provides integration flexibility through an extensive set of available APIs with the ability to connect hundreds of data points while reducing the need for complex database integration and development work.
  • Greater Access & Utilization of Data – provides clients centralized and synchronized access to multiple sources of streamlined data between cloud-enabled AE and clients’ additional data including revenue and expense actuals and market data such as sales and leasing comparables while eliminating redundant and time-consuming data entry.
  • Increased Workflow Connectivity Between Applications – allows for real-time streamlined integration across different applications and systems to quickly assess impact of key assumptions during various stages of the real estate workflow. Clients can also utilize and connect the cloud-enabled AE calculation engine directly to their non-ARGUS applications.

The firm is also working with several developers to provide pre-built API solutions to connect to commonly used industry technology solutions.