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Why lenders are changing the rules

Verico's Colin Dreyer is offering his own analysis on why the lending landscape for brokers is changing and what if anything mortgage professionals have to worry about.

Video transcript below:

The broker channel in our opinion is just as competitive as it ever was.  What has changed is the competitiveness of various lenders that serve the broker channel.  Again some lenders found the new market risk, regulation of funding sources a challenge and decided to make business decisions around that.  That being said we do believe that this is a shared problem.  
The changes [mentioned] by the financial crisis changed the fundamentals for all lenders and consequently these changes were passed down to mortgage brokers and ultimately our consumers in the form of tighter credit and more stringent qualification requirements which we are seeing everyday at the present time.  All that being said, consumers always need credit.  Lenders are there to lend money.
We all need to attract new consumers and everyone needs to make a profit.  So we see that happening, we see that commitment to the industry still there, so we still see very real significant opportunity.  The mortgage origination channel continues to mature and it provides the consumers the expertise and choice they need and want to make informed financial decisions, so do we see a bright future? Absolutely.