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The Big Story: Why you need to get before the media?

It's not about being a media whore, but helping shape the message for consumers, says a leading broker advocating more mortgage professionals get before a hungry business media.

Video transcript below:

Jemima Codrington, Mortgage Broker News
Jemima Codrington:  Let’s face it.  Canada’s media is hot for anything real estate related right now.  But are brokers getting their fair share of their time?  I’m Jemima Codrington and welcome to the Big Story on Mortgage Broker News.
We caught up with Morcan Mortgage Specialist, Marcus Tzaferis, who has appeared on both local and national newscasts.  So what exactly are the benefits of appearing in front of cameras when you are a broker?
Marcus Tzaferis, Morcan Direct
Marcus Tzaferis:  That’s a good question.  I know personally from doing media that there were two main reasons that I looked at.  The first was obviously to gain some exposure for myself, for my business and increased legitimacy.  It’s great to have some video clips on the website or [view] yourself on Global or CTV, but secondarily and maybe even more importantly it was to get an unbiased opinion on mortgages and what brokers do out into the market.  I find all too often that banks are speaking as to what people should be doing with their mortgages and people, you know consumers need to have an unbiased opinion as to what they should be doing.
Jemima Codrington:  So after brokers have appeared on the news, what exactly can they expect?
Marcus Tzaferis:  I don’t think anyone should expect you know hordes of people beating down their door because they just did a spot on CP24, but I think that you know if it’s done in conjunction with other successful practices of being a broker.  So you know sending out a newsletter, you’ve got a website, you are keeping in touch with your clients, I think that it you know, them seeing you on the news or them seeing on the website that you’ve been on, you know a show or you’ve been quoted in the media, really reinforces that legitimacy and that trust with them.  And you know it may motivate them to refer you to one of their friends or family members, there is definite ancillary benefits, but I don’t think that you can leave the news studio and head back to your office and sit by your phone waiting for it to start ringing.