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The Big Story: The most effective social media tool

Brokers are as gung ho about social media and its power to win leads as other salespeople. But which one -- Twitter, Facebook, et al -- provides the biggest bang for a broker's buck? MBN finds out.

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  Tweet, tag, Pin, Update, blog, using social media is now practically a part time job for brokers.  But does all that time online really create genuine leads?  Or is it too much hash tag?
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, mortgage brokers feel compelled to be on every social tool to reach the masses.  For all the effort and time, are brokers generating real business?  Real cold hard cash?
Patricia Giankas, Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc.
Patricia Giankas:  Yes, we do use all the social media tools, facebook, we have over 1200 followers, Linkedin over 800 and Twitter, 50.  Of all the tools that we have used, Linked seems to be the best.  We have got quite a few leads from Linkedin, there are a lot of more professionals and all the tools are also very good for branding your company.
Reporter:  But is the industry becoming a faceless one with the loss of the personal touch?
Erin Hamilton, Mortgage Specialist, Sherwood Mortgage Group
Erin Hamilton:  I am more old fashioned, where I after I have met someone I might DO a follow up card, I do the birthday card and I try to stay away from e-mails, to remember them as much as possible. Even if you pick up the call and just say hey, I thought of you, if you drop by the house to send a quick text message, people love to be thought of and it’s just touching on that.