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The Big Story: Housing market snapshot

On today’s Big Story, we spoke to mortgage broker Paula Roberts and mortgage agent Dena Kakaletris of The Roberts Group-Dominion Lending Centres. Find out on today’s The Big Story, on TV, your home for industry news, opinion and analysis.

Video transcript below:
John Tenpenny, Mortgage Brokers News TV
John Tenpenny:  Hi, I’m John Tenpenny, Editor of CMP Magazine and welcome to the Big Story on Mortgage Broker News TV.
It’s been an ongoing debate for a while now.  Housing bubble, no housing bubble.  The latest numbers seem to support the idea that the Canadian housing market will have a soft landing in 2012.  For January, CREA reported that sales activity was down for the first time since August  of 2011, while prices increased modestly by 2% year-over-year.  Forecast for economic and job growth going forward vary widely for different parts of the country, meaning some markets may soften, while others pick up.  For experienced brokers continuing to work with realtor partners may be one key to surviving any drop-off in the market.
Paula Roberts, Broker, Roberts Group, Dominion Lending Centres
Paula Roberts:  Oh I am not really overly concerned with the market changes.  We have been mortgage brokers for 22 years, we have got a lot of systems in place that help our past clients and a lot of our referral sources.  But I think as the market changes, you have to change with it.  We are going to partner with some top real estate professionals and just to help them with their purchases and do more transactions.
John Tenpenny:  People will continue to buy, refinance and renew.  So regardless of what the market may or may not do, brokers need to continue to show clients why they are an integral part of the home buying process.  
Dena Kakaletris, Agent, The Roberts Group, Dominion Lending Centres
Dena Kakaletris:  I am not overly concerned with regards to the market.  I believe consumers are always going to be buying and selling their homes as well as refinancing and renewing their mortgages.  I just think more importantly now, I believe we should be showing the consumers that our mortgage professionals will definitely add value to them.